Live in the Hive: Speedy Ortiz, Two Inch Astronaut, Grass Is Green

Mike Creedon


In the latest Live in the Hive session, Speedy Ortiz, Grass Is Green, and Two Inch Astronaut all graciously stopped by our studio for some noisy, disjointed, and jaw dropping sets.

Speedy Ortiz have been making waves lately with their poetic and distinctive take on 90s indie rock. Filled with fuzzy guitars, blasting drums, and stunning songwriting, Speedy took 2013 by storm with their LP Major Arcana. For their followup, they just released their latest EP Real Hair, a proud member of WVAU’s heavy rotation.

Two Inch Astronaut’s latest album Bad Brother has a wide arrange of influences, but remains distinctively in line with the Maryland and DC post-hardcore scene. Self described as “Anti-Prog Arena Math”, their sidewinding song structures will amaze and stun.

Grass Is Green’s 2014 release Vacation Vinny has been an early favorite for WVAU. Already creating a name for themselves on the rising eclectic label Exploding in Sound, they are sure to make headlines in 2014. Filled to the brim with grunge influences, Dischord rhythms, and post punk tendencies, Grass Is Green should not be slept on.