Bonson Berner, "Reflection" (Forty Below Records)


Jenny Bernardi

Seductive Synth-pop

Listening to Berner‰’s sophomore effort Reflection is the equivalent to drinking smooth liquor while taking a train ride into the desert. Bonson has a seductive, crooning way of singing that is equally relaxing as it is enticing. He creates an interesting blend of sounds, combining electronic synth-pop with southwestern-inspired guitar riffs. The result is a solid soundtrack for sitting at a saloon. What I mean by this is though Reflection is nice to listen to, it is preferable to listen to it while doing something else (relaxing at a bar, hanging out with friends, riding a horse off into the sunset). On its own it‰’s a pretty good album, but when utilized as a chill background, it truly shines.

RIYL: Of Montreal, Little Joy, Discovery

Recommended: 1, 2, 5