WVAU’s #8 Song of 2015: "Broken Necks" by Eskimeaux

Lauren Peressini

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Courtesy of Buffablog

I was sitting on a deflated air mattress in my best friend‰’s dorm in Boston the first time I heard “Broken Necks.” While that maybe isn‰’t the most picturesque setting, I like having a memory attached to a song. It is the kind of song I knew right away I was going to want to play on repeat. Normally when I tell myself in my head that I am going to look up a song later, it never happens, but this time I was determined.

Eskimeaux floats in the same circle of some of my favorite bands, Alex G, Frankie Cosmos, Porches and Girlpool. Before “Broken Necks” I hadn‰’t really listened to Eskimeaux, I think my aversion stemmed from being unsure how to pronounce it, honestly. By now I have more than checked out the rest of Eskimeaux‰’s 2015 album “O.K.”, and would highly recommend it, but ‰Broken Necks‰’ is definitely the best track by a landslide.

“Broken Necks” somehow manages to have the upbeat feel good feel of a pop song, while staying grounded in obscure vibes and synthetic sounds. Singing along is not so different than singing along to a girl ballad of the 90s, such as “No Scrubs.” Gabrielle Smith‰’s comforting voice just has a lot of love to give, “When I had a million arms I would wrap them around all your body parts. Try to keep away all that could do you harm.‰” And while this love may be unrequited, these lyrics can still make you feel warm and fuzzy.

The main chorus of the song goes, “While you were breaking your neck trynna keep your head I was breaking my neck just to stick it out for you,‰” which can be interpreted in a myriad of ways, but, to me, it is definitely tied into some sort of love triangle. Love triangles are, in my opinion, the most relatable musical metaphor. They come up all over the place and truly are great to sing about. This chorus makes me want to dance a bedroom with a hairbrush really clichÌ©ly. Which, to me, is really all I can hope for in a song.