WVAU’s #7 Song of 2015: "Sorry" by Justin Bieber

Jack Fitzpatrick

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Courtesy of Spotify

Think back to January 1, 2015. While nursing those NYE hangovers, we were eagerly anticipating chart-topping releases from Kanye West, Drake, Frank Ocean, Adele, Fergie, and Kendrick Lamar (half of which still have not been released yet) If I told you that Justin Bieber would have multiple songs vying for song of the year, would you belieb me?

I definitely would have to think on that. The resurgence of Bieber Fever has been on its way for a while. Ever since 2013 Journals, Justin has been rebranding himself as the underdog pop superstar that he always knew was deep inside. This year, he casually worked with Skrillex and Diplo on their summer banger, “Where Are U Now?‰” Then, he brought us the “do do do‰Ûs of “What Do You Mean?‰” Everything was meeting exceeding expectations until “Sorry.‰” As soon as “Sorry‰” was released, the champagne bottle that is the life of Justin Beiber popped, and he was back.

Drawing rhythmic inspiration from both EDM and dancehall, Skrillex does not disappoint with the tracks production. It is like this song is begging for dancing and forgiveness at the same time. And the horns!

The song is so connected to dance that the accompanying video becomes even more important. Featuring members of the ReQuest and The Royal Family dance crews, the video transform a Justin Beiber song into a full body experience with emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects.

With his lyricism, Justin also shows the casually listener a bit of vulnerability, especially if the apologetic jam is about Selena Gomez! But, I don‰’t want to dive too far into the tabloids for this piece ‰ÛÒ that‰’s for you to research after reading this.

The beauty of this Justin Bieber track is found in its ability to bring people together (wow, bet you didn‰’t think you would read that today). The dance-inspiring beats and ear-pleasing melodies are contagious and almost celebratory. We are all human. We all make mistakes. Even when it may be “too late‰” we can still say sorry. **crying emoji**