Adams Morgan: Mitski, Miami Horror and Adams Mill Road

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Adams Morgan: Mitski, Miami Horror and Adams Mill Road

Maria Carrasco

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Courtesy of Windish Agency, diymag & Chicago Innerview

Edited by: Maria Carrasco

Before you start reading and join me on my adventure in Adams Morgan, I suggest listening to this song by Miami Horror. “All It Ever Was‰” is my favorite song of all time and it encompasses all the vibes Adams Morgan offers.

I spend a lot of time in Adams Morgan. I enjoy just walking around the neighborhood by myself, listening to music and taking in the atmosphere. Imagine Neutral Milk Hotel‰’s In the Aeroplane Over the Sea album turned into a place on earth. No neighborhood makes me feel as calm as Adams Morgan; it‰’s one of the few places I find solitude in D.C.


So let‰’s take the 96 bus from Wisconsin and Tenley Circle all the way to Calvert and Connecticut. We go to the zoo and see children in awe at the animals in front of them.



We watch adults wait peacefully, taking in the day.

We walk down Connecticut Avenue and turn on Adams Mill Road. The sky is overcast but it doesn‰’t feel gloomy. It feels ethereal and pleasant. The cadence of the street is upbeat and electric.

“When lightning strikes / I’ll be on my bike / I won’t be stuck inside / I will be taking flight.‰Û


The townhomes create rhythm as we stroll. People migrate from block to block. But it‰’s not chaotic, it‰’s smooth, continuous and gentle.

“Nothing to scrutinize the rhythm of change / Just a whole lot of warm love flowing through the vein.‰Û

There‰’s a hidden park on Columbia and Kalorama. This is my favorite place in all of D.C. I try to, as much as I can, to visit this park. I just sit on the green grass and write, watch others and listen to the sounds surrounding me.

“And then one warm summer night / I’ll hear fireworks outside / And I’ll listen to the memories as they cry, cry, cry.‰Û

This park is a hidden gem in a city full of chaos. You do not feel rushed. The air is weightless and delicate. Sitting on the cold ground and feeling the warm sun on my face while hearing celestial voices of children playing and birds singing. The sun shines a little brighter in Adams Morgan.

“Well, alright / It’s okay / We all get the slip sometimes every day / I’ll just keep it to myself / In the sun.‰Û

This ambience runs deep throughout the city and that‰’s what makes it my place to destress. So let‰’s end the day by getting coffee at the Potter‰’s House and listening to this playlist.