In the Moment, Up Close w/ Mitski, Frankie Cosmos & More

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In the Moment, Up Close w/ Mitski, Frankie Cosmos & More

Maria Carrasco

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All photos courtesy of Two Door Cinema Club, Broods, Mitski, Frankie Cosmos, Weathers, Hippo Campus, Girlpool, Saint Motel, Bad Suns. Edit by: Maria Carrasco. All photos below shot by Maria Carrasco.

Since it is an off week, I figured I should switch things up; yes, with a special edition column from yours truly. My favorite thing to do with anyone is to go to live shows. Concerts bring me so much joy, seeing and supporting incredible artists, being surrounded by great people and listening to fantastic music is one of the best things in this world. Last year, I went to a few shows. I was lucky and privileged enough to see Years and Years with Tei Shi, Foals with Circa Waves, Baio and Magic Man with the Griswolds and Panama Wedding. Over the summer I even saw Coldplay with Alessia Cara and Foxes. But this fall 2016 semester was special, a ton of great music came out this year and I was able to see a lot of these fantastic artists and bands.

Glass Animals with Pumarosa – September 25, 2016

I‰’ve loved Glass Animals since I heard their first album Zaba in 2014. Their show at the Echostage was phenomenal. They were singing most of their songs from their sophomore album How to Be a Human Being, as well as Zaba and a cover of Kanye West‰’s “Love Lockdown.‰” This was one of the few shows I‰’ve been to where everyone around me knew every lyrics and was singing along. I remember the lead singer, Dave, in utter awe as he saw the crowd screaming their lungs off. Their opener Pumarosa was funky and soft, and did an excellent job. The most memorable moment of the night was when Glass Animals sang “Gooey,‰” their iconic song. Everyone knew the lyrics, specifically screaming out the “peanut butter vibes‰” lyric. Truly a show worth going to. Here’s one of my favorite:

Saint Motel with Hippo Campus and Weathers – October 20, 2016

Being honest, I primarily bought tickets to see Saint Motel because I wanted to see Hippo Campus live. But regardless, all three bands that performed were incredible. Hippo Campus was everything I expected and more. I was especially happy when they sang their latest single “Boyish‰” for their new album. Weathers was amazing too, with “Happy Pills‰” being a catchy bop that I‰’ve been listening to all month. While the crowd at the show was a bit older, and primarily their for Saint Motel, it was still a night of singing, laughing and joy.

Foals with Bear Hands and Kiev – November 3, 2016

I was lucky enough to see Foals in 2015, so when I heard they were coming back to D.C., I had to get tickets. Foals is hands down the wildest concert I‰’ve been too, full of head banging and screaming. Lead singer Yannis Philippakis doesn‰’t hold back, diving right into the crowd and interacting with the audience any way possible. Performance wise, Foals knows how to make a memorable night. Bear Hands and Kiev were great attachments to the show as well.

Bad Suns with Coin – November 5, 2016

Really, Bad Suns does make some of the catchiest music you‰’ll ever hear. Like their breakout single “Cardiac Arrest‰” is nothing compared to their well composed album, Disappear Here. Hearing songs like “Heartbreaker‰” and “Draft Pretty Boys‰” made everyone dance and feel joy. Their opener, Coin, did the same with their hit song “Talk To Much.‰” It was just a night of joy and dancing, you couldn‰’t feel any pain in that room.

Two Door Cinema Club with Broods – November 17, 2016

As someone who has been following Two Door Cinema Club since 8th grade, this show meant a lot. The weeks before the show had been tough, but Two Door Cinema Club made me forget it all that night. I‰’ve said it before, but at this show I didn‰’t see or feel pain, it was a way to escape and all these shows made me feel good. Hearing songs that I‰’ve heard thousands of times, literally, like “What You Know,‰” “Something Good Can Work Out‰” and “ Sun‰” made this night unforgettable. The fact that I saw this front row made it even more special. Two Door Cinema Club is one of the few bands that have consistently made incredible albums, their latest Gameshow, being no exception. This was one of the best nights of my life, and I sang every single lyric.

Mitski with Fear of Men and Weaves – November 18, 2016

Mitski is the artist of the year, her music, specifically from her latest album Puberty 2, being flawless. Never in my life have I heard an artist sing with so much passion and emotion and act so sincere. Mitski is a dream, and the entire room at the show knew it as well. Everyone was quiet and respectful and moved in sync with her music. It was like a sort of admiration. Mitski captivated the audience, and almost everyone in that room new the lyrics to all her songs. Truly an act worth seeing, as well as supporting. Mitski is more than just a singer-songwriter, she‰’s an activist and a genuine soul.

Frankie Cosmos and Girlpool with Big Hush – November 19, 2016

WVAU did the incredible job of bringing two phenomenal bands, Frankie Cosmos and Girlpool. Girlpool is funky, but ethereal at the same time. Hearing the duo play with drums was outstanding, and really gave an element that their albums don‰’t offer. Dreamy and light vocalist Greta Kline enchanted the evening with her soft, calming vocals. The rest of the band builds to create these intricate, delicate songs that make your heart flutter. A fantastic evening put on by a fantastic organization.

If you‰’d like to see a playlist of my favorite songs from each of these artists, check it out here: