Back to the Swamp: Cherry Glazerr, Father John Misty & More

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Back to the Swamp: Cherry Glazerr, Father John Misty & More

Maria Carrasco

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Edit by Maria Carrasco

Last year I was very excited to come back to D.C. during winter break. This year was different, for obvious reasons.

But despite my absolute disgust of returning back to the city, especially on Jan. 21, some great music has come out that makes me focus less on the circumstances. So here‰’s the music that makes me feel more at home in D.C. when the city is especially cold.

Haxel Princess by Cherry Glazerr was a phenomenal album composed of noisy, vibrant indie pop but at the same time kept an element of playfulness. The group‰’s second full length album, Apocalipstick, is no different, but even more passionate and more fierce. This album is perfect for me right now; it‰’s loud, it‰’s unhinged, it‰’s fun.

The song “Nuclear Bomb‰” has raw vocals which crescendo into a powerful guitar melody. The song offers some of my favorite lyrics.

“Black like a nuclear bomb / You feel the pain come, the pain come / As the swelling aches for fun / Like a nuclear bomb.‰Û

This album is perfect for me right now and how I feel in D.C.; it‰’s loud, it‰’s unhinged, it‰’s fun.

Other music I‰’ve been listening to are upcoming releases. Father John Misty announced his upcoming second full length album Pure Comedy. As promotionals, he‰’s release three songs, all of which are fantastic.

My favorite has to be the song “Two Widely Different Perspectives.‰” Misty‰’s vocals are soulful and wild, reminding me so much of the song “When You‰’re Smiling and Astride Me‰” from his first album.

Misty knows how to write and produce heart-wrenching, powerful love songs and there‰’s only more to be done with Pure Comedy coming out in April.

Another album that I‰’m anticipating is Hippo Campus‰’ first full length LP, Landmark. As someone who has been listening to this band for over a year and a half, the progression of lead singer Jake Luppen‰’s vocals to the increasing complexity and beauty behind the group‰’s overall sound.

Listeners first got a taste last October when the band released “Boyish,‰” a fun, noisy, indie pop song that makes you want to sing the top of your lungs.

But the real star of teaser singles the band released for Landmark, is the song “Monsoon.‰” This song is quiet, it‰’s calm, but it‰’s compelling. There‰’s so much power held in Luppen‰’s soft vocals.

“Unlike a sky copious with death / Precipitation of heart and head / Should wash the rest of her youth away / And carry on with it as she may / But something’s penning curvaceously / ‘Cuz sunburned skin won’t agree with me.‰Û

Landmark comes out later in February, with the third teaser single being “The Way It Goes,‰” a fun, woodsy, chill song to listen to with friends.

Other music that has been on my radar is Real Estate‰’s “Darling.‰Û

The song is more electronic than Real Estate‰’s past music, but still contains beautiful guitar melodies and soft, playful vocals.

As well, I‰’ll be looking out for more Mac DeMarco in the coming months, with the singer-songwriter releasing another full length album later in the spring. His two new tracks include “This Old Dog‰” and “My Old Man,‰” with “This Old Dog‰” being my favorite track. They‰’re funky and detailed, straying slightly to his sound on Salad Days.

New music from some of my favorite artists are keeping me hopeful, or at least, helping me with my self care. If you need something to take your mind off on what is currently happening in D.C., these artist might be a great escape.

The full playlist of all the songs included: