So Many Colours Fill the Sky: Miami Horror, Whitney & More

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So Many Colours Fill the Sky: Miami Horror, Whitney & More

Maria Carrasco

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Edit by Maria Carrasco

I was originally going to do something different for today‰’s post, but the weather was so nice Saturday and Sunday, I figured I should dedicate something to that. I mean, it‰’s February and it was 70 degrees (but also, climate change is real and a very big issue).

So during this nice weekend, I spent my day at Union Market and Kalorama Park listening to easy, calming and warm songs. I feel like listening to the perfect playlist can only make these sunshine, ethereal days even better.

(Photo by Maria Carrasco)

My first song of choice for a day so warm and so light is Miami Horror‰’s “Colours in the Sky.‰Û

The song begins perfectly, with a funky, synth entrance, then taken over by a chorus of soft vocals. But what makes this song so great is its fun, sing-song lyrics that make you feel warm all around.

“So many colours fill the sky / So many good things to come / If only they‰’d always caught my eye / It‰’s like an explosion.‰Û

But as far as albums go, Whitney‰’s Light Upon the Lake is for the golden hour. The album is packed with guitar focused, folky, indie rock that makes the sun shine a little brighter.

Some of my favorite tracks off of Whitney‰’s latest album are “The Falls,‰” “Dave‰’s Song‰” and “Light Upon the Lake.‰” But the best track of the album has to be “No Matter Where We Go.‰Û

“I can take you out / I wanna drive around / With you with the windows down / And we can run all night.‰Û

And while Miami Horror and Whitney are more recent releases, some old tunes still harbor a great vibe for those sunny days. Some albums I keep turning back to are Bombay Bicycle Club‰’s So Long, See You Tomorrow and A Different Kind of Fix, as well as Born Ruffians‰’s Red, Yellow & Blue.

“Lights Out, Words Gone‰” has to be one of my favorite tracks from Bombay Bicycle Club. The smooth beats combined with calm vocals and strumming guitar make for a wonderful song to look up at sky and relax.

“When the light is out and words have gone / Let me be the one to try it on.‰”

As far as Born Ruffians go, a fun, punchy, happy song from them is “Hummingbird.‰” The song is done beautifully, with a fast beat, noisey and punky vocals. This song is flawless and I could dance to it all night.

“The grass and the daisies / Think a lot more of the days than you / And you’re you / The walls of the maze / Know the will more than the way than you / And you’re just you.‰”

Other albums to listen to as you venture outside and enjoy the sunlight on your head include HOMESHAKE‰’s new album Fresh Air, a couple of happy, punchy EPs by Hippo Campus, as well as Parquet Courts latest album, Human Performance. Go outside and enjoy what the earth has to offer, and more importantly, take care of this earth.

Here‰’s the full playlist of songs: