Hippo Campus and Portugal. the Man Take D.C.

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Hippo Campus and Portugal. the Man Take D.C.

Maria Carrasco

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Credit: Hippo Campus‰’ Landmark album cover and Portugal. the Man‰’s Evil Friends album cover

During last week, indie rock bands Hippo Campus and Portugal. the Man made stops in Washington D.C.

Up first was Hippo Campus on Wednesday, March 29 at the Black Cat. I had the opportunity to meet the band and yes, I was completely geeked. The group was set to be performing their latest album, Landmark.

During my time speaking with the group, we talked about music, and how they opened for Saint Motel in October last year and how excited they were to perform in D.C. again. Here‰’s a photo from the night that I will end up framing and hanging in my bedroom.

As for the overall set, Magic City Hippies opened up for the group, bringing a pop-y punch-y vibes to the group. My favorite song the group performed was “Bull Ride‰” off of their EP Hippie Castle. This was the perfect track to get the crowd ready for Hippo Campus.

Then, Hippo Campus took stage and opened up their set with songs “Sun Veins‰” and “Way it Goes.‰” On the album, these songs are meant to be listened together, with “Sun Veins‰” meant to play first, then “Way It Goes.‰Û

But the song that took my breath away was when the band performed “Monsoon.‰” Everything about this track is incredible on the album, but hearing this song in person took it to another level. The sincerity and lightness in lead singer‰’s Jake Luppen voice was ethereal. And it was at that moment, during that song, where everyone just paid attention to the music. It felt like no one was taking a video or photo, we we were all listening.

“Just two days after the first of June / A pine with arms brushing off the dew / Unlike a sky copious with death / Precipitation of heart and head.‰Û

The show ended with an encore of their song “Violet,‰” a punch-y vocal rock song that ended the night in a good mood and with great memories.

Then on Saturday, April 1 Portugal. the Man took stage at the 9:30 Club. Their opener was Brooklyn-based rapper HDBeenDope. My favorite track from him was “Count Your Blesssings‰” off of his 2016 album Pheace Be the Journey.

Portugal. the Man came on around 10:30 p.m. and opened up with their song “Creep in a T-Shirt‰” off of their 2013 album Evil Friends.

“I wake up to my boring days / Never was a child, I was born this way / Always there but always out of place / Feels so alien.‰Û

But the standout songs of the night was the new songs that the band perform. The group first performed “Noise Pollution,‰” and then performed “Feel It Still.‰Û

However, my favorite song of the night, as well as my favorite song of all time was “Atomic Man,‰” which the band sang as an encore.

“After you, I don’t know what I believe in / After you, hell should be easy / After you, I don’t know what I believe in / After you, hell would be easier.‰Û