(Can‰’t wake up)

Olivia Donohue, Olivia Donohue

Part of me is kind of angry that “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence became a meme. There‰’s lots of Linkin Park and Breaking Benjamin songs that are just as hilariously overdramatic and edgy and even include white rappers, but, somehow this work of art, this tour de force of emotion, was the one that got memed.

Okay well, maybe I‰’m being a little dramatic but it is a good song, and it could be said to be the first of its kind in edgy pop songs and therefore a trailblazer. It sounds beautiful and it really sticks with you. The lyrics are usually what get made fun of, and looking from the perspective of someone who has seen it used as a meme, they‰’re pretty funny. However, I think they have an unappreciated impact.

The meaning isn‰’t that hard to ink out. She just can‰’t live without him! She‰’ll die without his touch! Only he can save her! Or in the case of the rapping interlude to the bridge, only she can save him. The metaphors involved are incredibly dramatic and almost reminiscent of a Romantic Era poem. “Frozen inside/without your love/without your touch, darling‰” is incredibly dramatic and seems like it should be almost completely unrelatable, yet thousands of people did relate to it, and hold it close to their hearts.

Evanescence and their songwriting style were also clearly a huge influence in the writing style of one of the objective best works of fiction to ever exist, a Harry Potter fanfiction by the name of My Immortal. I can‰’t even think of how many kids I know were inspired in the same way that Tara Gilesbie, the author of this work of art were. I know that we make fun of it, but I‰’m glad that these kids were inspired by Evanescence. Whatever gets a person started creating I‰’m glad it did and I hope they don‰’t stop improving and working at it. I hope Tara Gilesbie is still out there writing fanfiction or whatever she does now. I hope she‰’s having a good time.