Best at Urban Outfitters the Musical ’17

Maria Carrasco

Courtesy of Coachella

One of my favorite tweets of all time is one by Braden Graeber, “Coachella is just ‘Urban Outfitters: The Musical.’‰” And while I love to poke fun at Coachella, and how it really is an event for rich white people, the lineup for this year‰’s event was particularly good. Like, the lineup was so good that I even bothered tuning in on the live stream.

On day one, the event featured longtime indie rock band Radiohead as the headliner, as well as other famous groups and singers like the XX and Father John Misty, all three of which played tracks off of their latest albums.

A favorite among the crowd was their song, “Burn the Witch‰” off of A Moon Shaped Pool and even more so, their hit song “Creep.‰Û

And while those top names are incredible, my favorite part of the festival was hearing bands and artists like Glass Animals, Crystal Castles, Mac Demarco and Banks electrified the stage, with hits like “Youth‰” by Glass Animals, “This Old Dog‰” by Demarco and “Gemini Feed‰” by Banks.

For night two, Lady Gaga was the headliner of the show, performing her hits like “Bad Romance‰” and “Born This Way‰” to performing her latest with songs like “Million Reasons‰” and “A-YO,‰” with “Million Reasons‰” obviously being my favorite.

And there were other good performances like Bon Iver and Two Door Cinema Club, but for me, who really stole the show was singer Mitski and band Car Seat Headrest.

Mitski, of course, delivered a beautiful rendition of “Your Best American Girl‰” and “Happy.‰” The lyrics to these songs always get me the most excited.

“Your mother wouldn’t approve of how my mother raised me / But I do, I think I do / And you’re an all-American boy / I guess I couldn’t help trying to be your best American girl.‰Û

Car Seat Headrest of course delivered with funky and punky singles “Vincent‰” and “Destroyed By Hippie Powers.‰”

“For the past year I‰’ve been living in a town / That gets a lot of tourists in the summer months / They come and they stay for a couple days / But hey, I‰’m living here every day.‰Û

I was the most excited to see what Lorde would perform after her last show, which was around 4 years ago. And it was amazing – she sang her entire album Melodrama, which will be available later in June. And of course she sang songs “Green Light‰” and “Liability,‰” with “Liability‰” having the most lasting effect on me.

“Baby really hurt me / Crying in the taxi / He don’t wanna know me / Says he made the big mistake of dancing in my storm / Says it was poison.‰Û

Listen to my favorite tunes from some of the artists that played at Coachella.