Fury Boiling Within

Morgan Bluma

I‰’m not usually a fan of electric music like David Guetta but I believe this song has a good mix. The lyrics are very repetitive but are secure. The fast pace that begins then leads to the slower pace is a perfect mix. It‰’s not too fast, and not too slow. This song is perfect to listen to if someone is pushing you down. I am also not a huge fan of self-empowering music, but this song is the exception. I feel we all need one song in our lives to bring us up once we have been kicked to the curb. Looking at the lyrics, all the lyrics have to do with rising up and not letting people push you down. I am a firm believer in being the “bigger person‰” but also not letting someone trample over you. I understand that we all cannot be strong all the time. We are human, we have breakdowns and that is when I think you should listen to this song.

No one can stop yourself from shining, push back and don‰’t let people feel superior than you. We are all equal and deserve the same mutual respect. If someone can‰’t support you, don‰’t let them have power in your life. If someone makes me feel less of myself, I‰’ll play this to remind myself that they are not physically controlling me, I‰’m letting them. Mentally, I‰’m letting these people have control over me. Everyone is worthy. You write your own story, don‰’t let people pressure their way into your life. We are the authors of our own stories and you control the power. Play this song if you ever feel less worthy than you actually are. Be your full self. Channel the anger within you to accomplish great deeds. Shine so bright, you blind people.

Dance around in your dorm, apartment, house, in the street, anywhere to this song. Make it known that you believe whole heartedly in yourself. Find others to dance around with. Listen to this song with headphones in while you‰’re walking and just enjoy the lyrics of self-empowerment. Transfer that empowerment into your steps and how you walk. Raise your chin up and be proud of who you are. The people that come and go in your life, shape who you are today. Be thankful and grateful for the people who support you whole heartedly.

Sit in the sun, in the grass and lie down. Let the lyrics wash over you and close your eyes to feel the beat. Let the sun soak into your skin. The weather is perfect out to sit in the sun and feel the ground underneath you. The elements carry power and let that power flow into you. I sound like such a hippie but try it and you will understand why I love it. I want us all to be happy little nature loving hippies together.