MAX @ U Street Music Hall

Miguel Wilson

MAX and Rozes put on an energetic display of showmanship at U Street Music Hall on the 26th of October. In his first headlining show in D.C, Max Schneider put on a concert that will certainly be remembered. I love how there was definitely a link between the two sets performed, and the entire night was basically a dance fest. I personally had never really listened to either of these artists, but I was in for quite a surprise.

To start the night off, Rozes put on a artistic performance; utilizing not only the walls but also pipes as instruments to drum upon. One of their best songs of the night had to be “Roses‰Û, a song that Rozes originally did with The Chainsmokers. Elizabeth Mencel‰’s vocals were full and hearty; just filling up the room with loveliness. Her new single, “Famous‰Û, especially caught my attention. So many artists hide behind exciting, loud music, but Mencel has found a way to utilize “dance club‰” music with beautiful vocals.

Then, the men of the hour took to the stage. It‰’s easy to see that this artist has plenty of stage presence. However, what really surprised me was Max‰’s voice. Throughout the night he made child‰’s play of the most insane high notes. On top of that I‰’m convinced he‰’s really the energizer bunny disguised as a human. From start to finish, he somehow managed to keep up the same energy level. He was jumping from one end to the other, hugging the audience, and doing crazy handstands.

One of the more unexpected moments of the night was when Schneider pulled out a ukulele and asked the audience to remain silent. Two things that I never thought I would see together: a ukulele and Michael Jackson‰’s “Billie Jean‰Û. Was it amazing? Simply put, yes. It was one of those moments that really stands out as being truly once in a lifetime. The audience hushed and Schneider owned that ukulele. Interestingly, this was only one of the three songs that MAX covered that night. We also had the great pleasure of hearing “Ms. Jackson‰” by OutKast and Ginuwine‰’s “Pony‰Û. The whole point of this show was to get people up and dancing, and by putting his own touch on such classic songs Schneider succeeded in doing just that.

With a crowd full of adoring fans, it‰’s obvious that the highlight of the night for many was hearing MAX‰’s hits. His songs, “Savage‰Û, “10 Victoria‰’s Secret Models‰Û, and “Basement Party‰” kept the crowd jumping up and down. Last but not least, “Lights Down Low‰Û, one of his biggest songs out right now, was performed as a tribute to his fans. It was heartwarming to see Schneider truly show his audience how deeply he appreciates their support as he continues to grow and learn as an artist. He also dedicated the song to love—something the world needs more of today. Don‰’t sleep on this artist; he‰’s got big things ahead of him!