Twisted Love

Morgan Bluma

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Plenty of people have strong feelings towards Selena, good or bad, but I‰’ve always admired her for being incredibly positive and down to earth. It‰’s interesting how much we idolize celebrities and artists, even though we don‰’t know them personally. I‰’ve never met Selena or even been to one of her concerts (honestly what college student can even afford concerts anymore), yet I still feel connected to her through her music. Artists possess a unique ability to give a voice to feelings we struggle to put into words. By using their platform to express their emotions, they reassure us that we aren‰’t alone. Usually, as we grow up, we grow out of certain artists and move onto different ones. Our music tastes change as we figure out who we are. Selena is a rare artist who I haven‰’t grown out of. She holds the same ideals I feel are important, and she consistently demonstrates how to be a genuinely kind person. I loved watching her music career become more mature as she did and as I did. It‰’s hard to imagine my life without an artist that I relate to so much and whose music means so much to me.

The song that I chose was actually never released on an album. The world only has access to it because she decided to sing it live, and someone recorded it and then uploaded it to the wonderful resource known as the Internet. I personally believe this song should have been properly released, but that‰’s what I think about all of her music. This song is most likely about her past relationships, but almost everyone who has been in a relationship has felt this way about someone in their past. The song has a dark, twisted tone to it, which is why I enjoy it. Everyone believes that Selena is a flowery and bubbly person all the time, but this song reveals that she does have a “dark side‰” and is capable of experiencing pain like everyone else. The song is relatable in that it communicates how most people feel after a relationship- that we want that person miserable without us in their lives. I don‰’t believe in clean break ups. When a relationship ends, it‰’s always hard on one or the other or both. We like to imagine that these people will be as miserable as we might feel. It‰’s okay to have these feelings because it‰’s hard to imagine that someone can suddenly be okay with not having us in their lives after once being so important to them. If someone hurts us, we want them to feel that pain back. It‰’s an odd thing that we desire to feel, but it‰’s true. Love can easily become twisted. It‰’s also amusing how we feel these feelings so intensely at first, but then they dissipate with time. Like a cycle, we always move on to someone else and feel those feelings all over again.

I am honestly a bit shocked that this song was not released. With its highly emotional and relatable subject matter, it would‰’ve become an instant hit. I suppose sometimes artists don‰’t want to release a certain song because the topic might be too sensitive to them, and I believe that is the case for this song. I believe Selena wasn‰’t ready to let the world to hear this song initially, but eventually she felt comfortable enough to introduce it to her fans. By singing it directly to an arena filled with fans who love and support her, she didn‰’t have to risk judgment from critics. Even though it‰’s sad to never be able to hear certain songs by the artists we love, it‰’s also amazing when they decide to share with their fans these hidden gems. Have a lovely day my little hippies.

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Twisted Love