Maddi Cole

Kendrick Lamar is a veteran of creating groundbreaking visuals to pair with his infectious albums. From creating an instagram style video for “King Kunta‰” to releasing four back to back music videos that ignited his latest album, DAMN., Lamar lacks no ambition in creating visuals that are meant to shock his listeners. The first of the four videos released was “HUMBLE‰Û, a video that intentionally contradicts the meaning of the song itself with the visuals presented.

Directed by David Meyers and The Little Homies, the video covers a wide range of stylistic approaches. The video begins with Lamar in a dark religious appearing room, his back basked in light while wearing a pope‰’s cassot. This scene sets the tone for the first of many religious references, and many people theorize that Lamar is referencing Matthew 5:5 throughout the song, a verse stating that the meek shall inherit the earth.

Meyers creates continues to create beautiful visuals that demand your attention throughout the entirety of the video. The general message of the song and video is to resist conformity, but neither Lamar or Meyers have answered many of the questions about the deeper meaning of some scenes.

One of the most acclaimed scenes from the video is a shot filled with bald black men nodding their heads and singing at their given parts. Lamar stands at the center, the only man with a full head of hair in the shot, resisting the conformity of the rest of the men in the scene. In addition to creating scenes with layers of symbolism, Meyers takes a stylistic risk in using very shaky camera work to add emphasis on a scene.

To say that this stylistic risk succeeded is an understatement. A still camera is not normal in this video, and in multiple shots Meyers creates visuals that are so unlike anything we‰’ve seen in music videos through the use of movement of the camera.

Meyers and Lamar, yet again, created a video that adds a fourth dimension to an already acclaimed song. “HUMBLE‰” will definitely be remembered as one of the best music videos of 2017.