DC’s New Emo Sweethearts, Origami Angel


Emily Shelton

Photos courtesy of Origami Angel

Does this semester already have you feeling a certain way? Does your emo side grow by the day? Look no further than DC‰’s own Origami Angel for the sweet, nostalgic rush of fresh emo revival.

With a sound similar to Modern Baseball and The World is a Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid to Die, Origami Angel triumphs a bittersweet, confessional style.

The duo released their debut EP, “Quiet Hours,” in April 2017, pretty much at the beginning of their career as a band. Since then, the EP has gotten thousands of listens on Spotify and Bandcamp.

Singer and guitarist Ryland Healy and drummer Pat Doherty create a stripped-down sound that is open and easy to listen to. With this, the lyrics shine through.

Those lyrics are reminiscent of first loves and desperate crushes, like from “SpaceX T-shirt‰Û

“i can only get to sleep if i know you’ll be in my dreams

and i can only dream if i know you’ll be sleeping next to me‰Û

Or from “Step‰Û

“i won’t make it on my own

i need someone there each step of the way

i can’t do this all alone

give me your hand and guide me away‰Û

The band was picked up by Chatterbot Records, which also published the work of Foxy Dads, Get Tall, and Michael Cera Palin. “Quiet Hours” was the first official release of the 2017-born label.

The most exciting part is the band still has time for growth and development. The sweet days of basement shows and small venues always mark a challenging time for a band. I can only hope the duo will continue their emo odyssey with a determination to keep DC sad.

Favorite tracks: Osmosis, Mark My Words, SpaceX T-shirt

Full EP!