REVIEW: Broncho – Bad Behavior

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REVIEW: Broncho – Bad Behavior

Hana Mengesha

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Broncho’s fourth album Bad Behavior is a great indie rock album to dance to if you don’t
listen to the lyrics too closely. Although just under 30 minutes long, this album will probably be
a standout in this year’s indie rock album releases. Based in Oklahoma, Broncho was formed in
2010 by Ryan Lindsey, Nathan Price, Ben King, Penny Pitchlynn, and Mandii Larsen. When
asked about what inspired their album, lead vocalist Ryan Lindsey responded with “it’s a
reflection of the current world: everybody’s been acting badly over the last few years so we
made a record about it.”

The album starts with “All Choked Up,” a catchy song with guitars and vocals that gave
me Cage the Elephant vibes. It wasn’t my favorite, but it was good enough to keep me
interested in the rest album, which was good because the second track became one of my
favorites of the entire album. “Weekend” starts of with a very poppy guitar tune that went well
with Lindsey’s haunting vocals. Like Lindsey said, he made a record about not only everybody
else acting badly, but themselves as well. And “Weekend” shows that with “you caught me in
the weekend / you caught me with your boyfriend.” This message continues throughout their
seventh track, “Family Values” with lyrics like “I got a thing for your mother/ I got a thing to teach
your father” and “I got a thing for your sister/ I got a thing to show your brother.” Overall, this
was a pretty solid album. Like I said earlier, it has great tracks to dance to but it will probably
bum you out if you try to actually listen to the lyrics. This album definitely made me want to listen
to more of their work and you should definitely see them when they come to DC on November
7th at the Rock and Roll Hotel. I know I will!

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