REVIEW: Airhead DC – Crush Hi

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REVIEW: Airhead DC – Crush Hi

Jessica Firmin

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Crush Hi is the newest release from Airhead DC, the solo project of D.C. native Vishal
Narang. In this popish LP with an alternative rock twist, Narang explores all the ups and downs
that come along with a new relationship. The airy, lighthearted leading track, “Yechon,”
describes the exhilarating feeling of instantly falling for someone and thinking “forever is what
I’m hoping,” which for Narang and his date happens at Yechon, a Korean barbecue in
Annandale, Virginia (according to my google search). Track two, “Honey-Colored Flame Blown
Off My Candle,” mirrors the feeling of disbelief when a relationship unexpectedly begins to go
wrong. The song starts off upbeat but then slows down and appears to deconstruct itself just after
the realization that the relationship is unsalvageable begins to set in and Narang sings “think I
might consider death if this shit keeps happening to me.” The contrasting chaotic noisiness of the
next track, “King Charles Spaniel,” reflects the increasing tension of the unraveling relationship.
“Friday” offers a muted interlude which I would equate to an attempt at reconciliation once the
fight is over and you realize you don’t want to be without this person. The dreaminess of “My
Pillow” expresses moments of personal growth and realization that precede reconciliation and
the hopes and dreams for the future success of the relationship. The love returns in full force on
“Mouth Breather” as Narang sings “think of her and give up giving up.” The album closes out
with “Voicemail,” a minimal instrumental which leaves the listener with a warm feeling of
content. Crush Hi made the all-too-familiar narrative of the ups and downs of a new relationship
seem fresh and surprisingly relaxing despite the emotional rollercoaster that it was.

Recommended: 2, 4, 6

RIYL: Palm, Moth Eggs, Snake Boy Gang