REVIEW: Kurt Vile – Bottle It In

Drew Dawson

With the release of Kurt Vile’s Bottle It In, there was a link that compelled me to “CLICK
HERE FOR A MESSAGE FROM KURT.” I am a slave to marketing and personalized messages
and getting attention, so I immediately clicked there for a message from Kurt himself. Though it
was not as good as a link directly putting me through to Kurt’s Skype line, I was glad I watched
the video it led to before I listened to his latest solo record.

The message Kurt had for me (and everyone else, I guess) is about his struggle with growing
popularity and the importance of remaining “real and candid.” Bottle It In is real and candid. He
does not reinvent himself on the record,, which is comforting, especially after hearing his
message. Hearing the album, I thought, “Yes, Kurt, you did it! This album is real and candid.
Also thanks for the message.”

A consistent standout the record comes in the form of Kurt’s loose lyrics:  “Girl you gave me
rabies / and I don’t mean maybe.” Though meaningful, Vile’s lyrics feel improvised and (to use
his own word) candid.

Kurt’s vocalizations are also very laid back. When he sings, it’s really more like he’s
having a conversation with you because he’s not stressing his voice too much. This is nice,
especially if you’re like me and you feel like sometimes there are situations when  you just can’t
listen to a super vocally-complex song, like if you’re giving a stranger a ride somewhere. With
Bottle It In,  Vile’s lyrics and vocals do a good job of keeping it casual.

“Yeah Bones” is my favorite track because it’s easy to get into. The track is one of the more
upbeat cuts on the album and features a lot of repetition. The track’s beat reminds me a lot of
“Dashboard” by Modest Mouse, which may not make sense once you listen to both, but that’s
the first thing that came to my mind. It’s a fun addition to the album, since a lot of the tracks are
heavier and slower.

If I could send a link to Kurt that said “CLICK HERE FOR A MESSAGE FROM
DREW,” I would be sure to tell him that he stuck to his roots and made an album that is
enjoyable and creative, which is all he wanted.

Recommended: 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 RIYL: Father John Misty, Deerhunter, Mac Demarco, Modest