In Our Feelings: Just Groovy

Morgan Bluma

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There really isn’t any way I can describe this song clearly. It is basically just one big groovy feel fest.

I picked this song because the first line mentions Hermann Hesse who was a German-born Swiss poet, novelist, and painter who received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1946. This is an artist I respect and admire and to have a band write this artist into a song is something new to me. In the next line, POND again mentions another famous historical figure Louis Cartier, who did not invent the wristwatch but did make them popular. Many fans believe that the riff is a homage to ‘Cosmic Convoy’ by Todd Rundgren and Utopia which I can definitely hear. If you watch and listen to both these videos, you can clearly see their relation.

Honestly, I couldn’t tell you why POND included these historical figures in the song. The only part of the song that makes clear sense is the chorus which states, “I never know what to do, babe/ But that’s not nothing new, babe/ I’m the champion of the few, babe/ But I never know what to do, babe.” Here, it seems the persona is saying that they are just an average person like anyone else and that it really shouldn’t be surprising because they don’t have anything planned out like most people.

I also love how this song sounds. It is perfect for finals season of just sitting and letting the music kind of wash over you. Finals basically have all us college students feeling exhausted and having absolutely no brain power left. This song kind of lights your brain back up in my opinion. Basically, putting some life back into our knowledge beaten minds. The song requires no deep thoughts or emotions to experience. It is just this subtle sense of calm. I highly recommend also to watch the music video. It is quite enchanting which is how I feel about this song. This song is something I haven’t experienced with music before and I absolutely love it. I recommend listening to POND’s other music as it is also enchanting and will be helping me get through this last week of finals. Good luck to all!