Big Meme Moods: “I Love Suffering”


Photo Credit: IFunny

Georgia Abdow

I discovered a meme that perfectly portrays those rough 3am nights when you are lying in your bed wallowing in your sadness. It reads, “When you’re already sad but you listen to sad music knowing it’ll make you more sad but it’s still worth it.” I am almost positive most people can relate to this, so I thought “Why not make a playlist that embodies the unfortunate circumstances of unrequited love, troubled relationships, or broken hearts?”

The first song is “Always” by Lo Noom. While the melody provides an almost comforting sensation, the lyrics are nonetheless about unrequited love. It begins with the words “I love you,” and then explains why he loves her. The turning point is when he sings “And you were always the girl that I wanted to steal, but of course I couldn’t.” It is a song to sob your eyes out to if there is someone out there you cannot attain.

Del Water Gap’s “I Am Drunk, And She Is Insane” is by far one of my favorite therapeutic crying songs. The slow tempo alongside being another unrequited love song provokes me to curl up in a ball and stuff my face with ice cream. The lyrics “Naturally, I’ll find my way back to her and naturally, she’ll say no,” dig deep, and many people can relate to this.

The following song “Disappear” by beabadoobee can resonate with those who have experienced the loss of love. The song goes “Cause the rush of love is gone and I’m tryna’ find out why it disappeared,” which alludes to a missing passion that led to the end of an intimate relationship. It is an all in all perfect song to wallow in.

“Case Study B” by Jenny O. is a song about an intimate relationship that might be better off on a friendship level basis. She sings “This isn’t love, not in the way that I’ve been looking for. Bet you would destroy me and be a better friend.” It is a song that applies to the loss of love in a different way than others. Hopefully it can resonate with some of you out there who do not feel the type of love you wish for.

The last song is “I Wanna Be Good” by The Walters and it is definitely a tearjerker. It is a sum of circumstances that complicate love. The lyrics read “And I can’t be good to you, but I want to be good to you.” He wants to treat his lover in the best way, but is emotionally unavailable and distrusting, which we understand as he sings “She’s smiling right at me and I feel it in my knees, but I don’t wanna trust no one.”

I hope I could provide you with the therapeutic music you need after experiencing an unfortunate, complicated matter of love. Personally, I find it therapeutic to listen to sad music when I am in a rut. This may not apply to everyone, but I know it is definitely the case for many. If you are experiencing something that surpasses temporary sadness, please reach out to someone. Remember that you are in fact loved.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) hotline: 1-800-950-6264