How to Love Yourself: Lessons from Prince and Lizzo


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Zoe Joy

Iconic. Ethereal. Provocative. Ground-breaking. Innovative. These are just some of the ways that both Prince and Lizzo have been described. The incredibly unique styles and pure talent that both artists have incorporated into their music have cemented their positions as stars for many years to come.

But there is a twist to the standard comparison between the artists, all as a result of  the relationship between Prince and Lizzo. Prince, in a sense, discovered Lizzo at a performance of hers in Houston with her rock band. She was on the brink of giving up music. Prince saw what we all see when we look at Lizzo: an incredibly confident, talented, proud, and strong female artist that deserves all of the attention and respect that she is finally beginning to receive. The “Purple Rain” king himself suggested that Lizzo come and record music at his home studio Paisley Park. From there, Lizzo exploded.

A few summers ago, I attended the Firefly music festival in Delaware. While walking from one set to another, my family and I heard the sound of thumping bass and powerful vocals and…flute? We had to go check it out. We were pleasantly surprised. Up on the stage was a twerking, flute-playing, singing, and rapping diva. Melissa Viviane Jefferson, who we all know as Lizzo, preached body positivity and confidence in every single song she performed. It was incredibly refreshing to see a female artist that didn’t fit the societal norm of what a famous person looks or sounds like.

Just like Prince. Prince Rogers Nelson (Prince) was an alien. His androgyeny coupled with his unique voice and insane talent painted him as a symbol of modern R&B. An incredible instrumentalist and a guitar virtuoso, Prince was never easy to stuff into a category, nor did he want to. His lyrics were refreshingly provocative, as was his masculinely-femininty appearance.

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Lyrical Comparison

“Like a Girl” by Lizzo:“Only exes that I care about are in my f*cking chromosomes.”

 “Kiss” by Prince: “Act your age,mama, not your shoe size.”

 Wordsmiths, the both of them. Their perspectives on relationships and emotions are so similarly unique.

If you want to boost your self-confidence, support your fellow girls, and feel nothing but self love, have a Lizzo marathon. But make sure to preface it with some Prince, the original advocate for self-love, acceptance, and worth. Why? Because you have to respect your classics.