Local Creators: 10APART


Image courtesy of 10APART

Georgia Abdow

10APART is a local hip-hop duo from Montgomery County, Maryland, who has a growing fanbase in the DC metropolitan area. After releasing eight singles on Spotify, Jonny Zeleke and Mike Getachew plan to keep dropping songs and establishing their online presence. They are currently releasing one song per week for a ten-week campaign, in reference to their stage name, “10APART.” They performed at Towson University in May 2019 and the National League of American Pen Women (NLAPW), hosted by WaveCheck, on February 29, 2020. You can find their music on Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

I sat down for an interview with 10APART to not only get to know who they are as artists but also friends who make music together. I asked about their dynamic and if their friendship ever gets in the way of the music-making process. “Not really,” Mike explained. “If anything, it makes it better. We’ve just known each other for so long, and part of the reason we became a duo was because we had singles with each other before we really started, and people were like, ‘Woah, your chemistry is crazy.'” They both agreed that their friendship doesn’t inhibit their creative development. “It doesn’t inhibit anything,” Jonny affirmed. “If anything, it helps because we like the same exact music. We hardly ever disagree. He could write a verse in one room, and I could write a melody in another room, and it would just mesh perfectly. It’s pretty interesting. He doesn’t function without me, and I don’t function without him.”

10APART has performed at Towson University and the National League of American Pen Women, so I wanted to hear about their experiences on stage. “My personal favorite experience performing was at Towson,” Jonny explained. “Towson was special because of the whole set-up and the way it went. There was a stage, a good crowd, and it was just so fun.” Mike agreed and added, “Towson was the first time there was a good amount of people, but my favorite vibe was WaveCheck at NLAPW.” “The whole vibe was amazing,” Jonny continued. “All of the artists knew what they were there for. Everyone was on the same page, everyone was supportive, we were drinking, and the party was just wild. When we performed, we really got into it.” Jonny and Mike intend to perform at more local venues, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to see them live.

The duo is currently releasing one song a week every Thursday. I asked about the reasoning behind their ten-week campaign. “Mike and I record a lot,” Jonny said. “We have over 100 recorded songs, and people have been waiting for music, so to gain more attention, we thought we should come out with a song every week. We’ll start releasing the music, let it flow, let the world hear it, and gain some traction.” They are continuing their ten-week campaign and are on week four, so make sure to check out their release this Thursday.

As you wait for their next seven singles to drop, you can stay informed by following their Instagram and Twitter. Check out their tracks and show your support for 10APART.