Kodak in the Sun: A Quarantine Walk in the Glover Archbold Trail


Nate Ha

Before we start, I just wanna say that I hate being alone, so having to spend more than eight months living in solitary confinement was the worst thing ever. Heck, I was so scared I didn’t even leave my apartment for more than two months, and the first time I really went outside was three in the morning. Still, in a twisted way, the songs I am about to share with you mean a great deal to me. They were with me when the world seemed to be ending, and for a second there, I really thought it would. They truly made quarantine so much more bearable for me, and I hope they would do the same for you too!

OK by Wallows


OK, but if I were to make a movie about these past few months, this would no doubt be the theme song. I have known them ever since they released their debut single, “Pleaser,” and I have watched them grow musically into what they are today.

“OK” is unquestionably different from their previous tracks. With elements of alternative, R&B, and even a hint of electro-pop, the song’s an absolute bop. Additionally, what makes it even more interesting is how the lyrics have taken on a different meaning despite initially starting out as your typical love songs about insecurities in a relationship.

As COVID abruptly changed our lives for the worse, parts of the lyrics have now become more important and relevant than ever. “Can we get up and try to feel okay again?” poses a powerful question, as the song ended with a positive statement that “We can…” can be perceived as the light at the end of the tunnel. Not only is it a catchy song to dance to, “OK” is a reminder that no matter how sucky life may, we always have the ability to get back up and try again.

My House by Elah Hale

I’ll be frank, I don’t often go look for new artists because I never really seem to have enough to do anything. In that sense, quarantine was just the perfect occasion to expand my playlist, and I am so lucky to have come across a gem that is Elah Hale.

A soulful melody with a fun R&B beat, “My House” is simply euphonic yet so personal as she sings about wanting her lover to “kick it” at her house. In a way, it reflects my constant need for companionship while being trapped in the walls of my home, something I’m sure many of us can relate to. But on the lighter end, ‘My House” is so fresh because it also emphasizes having fun by yourself, which makes it a perfect addition to your quarantine playlist.

no friends by mazie

As the title may suggest, “no friends” is a relatable bedroom pop song with a questionable-lyrics-but-fun-vibes about that feeling of, you guessed it, having no friends. With an upbeat tempo and carefree vocals, mazie sings about things we can all relate to now that we are trapped inside and can only see our friends through telephone screens, like “I don’t have no fucking friends/ If less is more then I’m doing the most/ I’m so bored, and I feel like a ghost,” contrasted to the sonically lighthearted track that will get you hooked right away.

Sailing by The Sutherland Brothers

“Sailing” is an exception compared to the other songs in this playlist, but for a good reason tho! If there’s one thing you should know about me, it is that I am a big fan of Vampire Weekend. I honestly love so much that I even bought a ticket to their concert in Iowa and was even gonna go by myself (thank you COVID). So, as any fan would do when they have an abundance of time on their hand, I went digging for that college film project Ezra Koenig (the frontman) worked on during the summer of his freshman year called Vampire Weekend (the name of the band itself). And “Sailing” was, coincidentally, the trailer soundtrack. There is no movie, by the way, because they decided to kinda stop after the trailer (one can’t help but wonder why).

Setting aside the spiritual, romantic, or even the philosophical meanings this song may be attached to, “Sailing” got that rusty, nostalgic feel that make you yearn for the past when things seemed so much simpler than now. I wouldn’t say that the song is calming, but there is definitely something to it that is so moving it kinda fits the current context we are living in today.

I would also like to give a quick shoutout to Taylor Swift and her latest album “Folklore,” and would highly recommend you give it a listen if you haven’t already yet. As I couldn’t have possibly got by with only four songs, I have made a playlist so you can dance and cry to with me through this turbulent time. Yes, we still live in “quarantine” as we gradually adapt to a new sense of normalcy. Still, it’s so much different for me now that I have moved out of my apartment in the Berks to a studio downtown, with views of people and the city instead of trees. Although, I will definitely miss those spontaneous walks in the Glover Archbold trail at dusk or book date with myself by Reeves Field. Anyway, yes, I’m still living alone, but I no longer feel as lonely as I did, so this playlist is proof that this too shall pass.