No Cover: Hip-Hop, Jazz and Harry Potter

Kaylee Dugan

February 18, 2013

The good thing about these articles is that I have to do research for “No Cover‰” on Sunday night instead of Tuesday night. The bad thing about these articles is that I start working on them on Sunday night. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised when I hopped on to the City Paper‰'s concert calendar to check out what w...

District Digs: 9th & Beats – A New All-Ages Art Space for Everyone

Joanna Dressel

February 17, 2013

In a world of conglomerated music venues and promotion companies like I.M.P. and Live Nation, 9th & Beats stands alone. The brain child of Sweet Tea and Pumpkin Pie Fest (which featured the WVAU-hosted Shark Week Capital Punishment Showcase) founder Dave Mann and photographer Rachel Eisley, 9th ...

Review: My Bloody Valentine’s m b v

Max Tani

February 16, 2013

In 2007 I asked my close friend Conor for his thoughts on Arcade Fire‰'s recently released sophomore album Neon Bible. His response: “I love Neon Bible because it doesn‰'t ruin Funeral for me.‰Û As good a compliment as any for an artist burdened with the task of following-up a beloved re...

Kaleidoscope Sound: Costa Rica’s Las Robertas

Paz Monge

February 15, 2013

This semester Kaleidoscope Sound will allow the listener to see the variety of shades, silhouettes and shapes the international music scene offers. The Costa Rican music scene has proclaimed their surf garage-punk rock royalty: Las Robertas. Who wouldn’t have guessed this tropical paradise could offer a band full of hazy sounds, sun-drenched riffs and amaz...

Staff Favorites: Valentine’s Day Mixtape #2 – Nothin’ But Sexy Sounds

Iulia Gheorghiu

February 14, 2013

Because there are a lot of lovebirds out there who may be … erm … taking advantage of the chance to romance on Valentine’s Day, we thought it only fair on this holiday evening to share some of our tricks! Music always sets the mood. Who better to suggest some mood music than people that are...

No Cover: Love Gained and Lost

Kaylee Dugan

February 14, 2013

Valentine‰'s Day is a holiday created to make us feel like we‰'re all back in middle school. At best, you‰'re running on a sugar high, at worst, you‰'re crying alone in your room åÊwondering if [insert name here] will ever notice you. But there‰'s no reason for anyone to be alone this weekend,...

The Undercurrent: Vocabulary 101

Eli Fosl

February 14, 2013

Labels and terminology are two of the most complicated, frustrating, impossible things about underground music. Nowadays, you can look up a band on Bandcamp or Last.fm to see how they categorize themselves, but even then there are about half-dozen tags, at least. When I was trying to choose words t...

Mood Music: Adventures in Love

Teta Alim

February 14, 2013

Sometimes, this love thing can be exciting. Whether you‰'re a newbie or you‰'re taking risks or maybe you‰'ve tried to fight it for too long but now have just decided to go with it. Here are some tracks you can add to your life if it were a romantic comedy: 1. “Your Love” by Saskwatch (AUS) ...

Staff Favorites: A Valentine’s Day Mixtape #1 – Who Needs Chocolate When You Have Cheese?

Iulia Georghiu

February 13, 2013

Valentine’s Day is upon us! And at WVAU, we know there can be a lot of pressure and a lot of build up of expectations, when in fact, it is simply about being in love and appreciating love. And people who aren’t in relationships can appreciate love: Carlton Banks basically never had a girlfriend, but ...

No ‘Trouble’ at All: In Defense of Taylor Swift

Mark Lieberman

February 8, 2013

Whatever you think about Taylor Swift, there is no denying that she is currently the most popular and ubiquitous musician in the nation, possibly the world. The recent downward spiral for album sales, even for established artists with impressive past sales figures? Didn‰'t affect Taylor Swift. Her lates...

WVAU Presents: A talk with Stephen Thompson of NPR Music, formerly of The A.V. Club

General Manager

February 4, 2013

  WVAU is proud to present Stephen Thompson, NPR Music Editor and founder of The Onion’s non-satirical pop-culture spinoff, The A.V. Club, for a Q&A on music journalism and college radio. — Tuesday Feb. 5 in Ward 6 —   Thompson is an editor and writer for NPR Music, a panelist for NPR’s po...

BPM Festival 2013: Paradise of Sound

Angela del Sol Varela

January 30, 2013

I have been to many music festivals around the world, but BPM was definitely the most epic of my music experiences. The BPM FestivalåÊis a 10-day, electronic music festival that takes places along the beach on the Mayan Rivera in Mexico. During these 10 days, music lovers and professional party-goers ...

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