WVAU Top Music 2013: #1

Cameron Meindl, Maxwell Tani

December 31, 2013

#1 ALBUM:   Arcade Fire, Reflektor åÊ Arcade Fire‰'s gradual ascent towards true rock stardom has always been endearing, in part because it was obvious that the band wanted it so bad for so long. Their earliest live shows displayed such ridiculous levels of physicality (band members needed helmets for protectio...

WVAU Top Music 2013: #2

Mike Creedon, Brendan Principato

December 30, 2013

#2 ALBUM:   Kanye West, Yeezus åÊ On June 14th, 2013, Kanye West‰'s Yeezus leaked. On that same day I turned 20 and started taking antidepressants. Before heading to P.F. Chang‰'s with my parents I popped half of a pill (to avoid any adverse body effects) and downloaded the album. Immediately ...

WVAU Top Music 2013: #3

Richard Murphy, Spencer Swan

December 29, 2013

#3 ALBUM:   Danny Brown, Old åÊ Danny Brown has always been a contradictory being, simultaneously rapping about his hedonistic party lifestyle while at the same time dredging the horrifying bottom of his experiences growing up poor in Detroit for inspiration. On Old, Danny takes this form to its ab...

WVAU Top Music 2013: #4

General Manager

December 28, 2013

#4 ALBUM:   Vampire Weekend, Modern Vampires of the City åÊ Vampire Weekend’s third album was highly anticipated, coming after their breakthrough eponymous debut and their strong sophomore outing with Contra. Modern Vampires of the City took on somewhat more serious themes than their ...

WVAU Top Music 2013: #5

Teta Alim, Drew Sher

December 27, 2013

#5 ALBUM:   Haim, Days Are Gone åÊ The coolest sisters from L.A. have dominated this year with their EPs and multiple festival appearances, quickly building up their reputation in time for their debut album Days Are Gone released at the end of September. It‰'s no surprise that their DC show in May is alre...

WVAU Top Music 2013: #6

Maxwell Tani, Mike Creedon

December 26, 2013

#6 ALBUM:   My Bloody Valentine, mbv åÊ There was hardly a review of My Bloody Valentine‰'s long-awaited third LP that didn‰'t pit the record off against massively influential predecessor Loveless. How could one not? Shoegaze was a lightning rod in the early 90s, and Loveless was its ge...

WVAU Top Music 2013: #7

Maeve McDermott, Hyunjin Park

December 25, 2013

#7 ALBUM:   James Blake, Overgrown åÊ   Remember post-dubstep? The way we speak critically about the music James Blake makes has unquestionably shifted in the 3 years we’ve followed his trajectory from upstart DJ to Mercury Prize winner. Since the release of his debut LP in 2010, he’s been joined by a new crop of artistsåÊpurv...

WVAU Top Music 2013: #8

Cameron Stewart, Leigh Hopkins

December 24, 2013

#8 ALBUM:   Chance the Rapper, Acid Rap åÊ 2013 was a good year for the Chicago based artist Chance the Rapper. After releasing his mixtapeåÊ10 Days in 2012, appropriately named after a 10 day suspension he received in high school, he quickly shot up within the underground hip hop circuit ...

WVAU Top Music of 2013: #9

Cameron Meindl, Spencer Swan

December 23, 2013

#9 ALBUM:   The National, Trouble Will Find Me åÊ The National may be the most consistent indie band in history. Every full album since 2005’såÊAlligator explored a new variation on the band’s sonic stylings. InåÊAlligator, The National strived for simplicity, inåÊBoxer,åÊthey cha...

WVAU Top Music of 2013: #10

Michael Young, Eli Fosl

December 22, 2013

#10 ALBUM:   King Krule, 6 Feet Beneath the Moon åÊ Before 2013, Archy Marshall (better known now by his stage name, King Krule) had not much more than a single EP, a two-song 7‰Û, and some demos released under his name. 2013 brought Marshall to the center stage with not just his collabora...

Songs of 2012: Best of the Rest

General Manager

January 1, 2013

Just because 2012 is officially behind us doesn’t mean we have to stop listening to our favorite 2012 hits – which couldn’t all make our year-end countdown. Here’s a playlist featuring some tracks we loved but left out, featuring songs by Icona Pop, Killer Mike, Death Grips and more. ...

WVAU Top Music of 2012: #1

General Manager

December 31, 2012

#1 Song: Frank Ocean – “Thinkin Bout You” As a member of the outrageous hip-hop collective Odd Future, Frank Ocean‰'s hypnotic falsetto and melancholy lyrics stood out amidst the group‰'s penchant for grotesque imagery and abundant profanity. His single “Thinkin Bout You‰” demonstrat...

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