WVAU Top Music of 2011: #4

Cameron Meindl, Sharon Din

December 30, 2011

#4 Album: EMA – Past Life Martyred Saints Past Life Martyred Saints is an album that encompasses the feelings of disappointment and creeping failure that singer EMA experienced after moving to California to become an artist; her own account being that of devastation and emotional implosion that...

WVAU Top Music of 2011: #5

Maeve McDermott, Peter Gill

December 30, 2011

#5 Album: M83 – Hurry Up, We‰'re Dreaming M83 takes its name from Messier 83, a galaxy 15 million light years away, and that‰'s precisely where Hurry Up, We‰'re Dreaming inhabits. From its dreamlike interludes to its expansive synth melodies to Anthony Gonzales‰' career-making vocal perform...

WVAU Top Music of 2011: #6

Alex Rudolph, Brian Waligorski

December 28, 2011

#6 Album: tUnE-yArDs – w h o k i l l This year’s lists of best songs and albums feature a fair amount of work from solo musicians, or at least bands with a strong leading presence (your M83s and your Girls, for example). The bedroom-recording boom of the last few years has been conducive...

WVAU Top Music of 2011: #7

Maxwell Tani, Maeve McDermott

December 27, 2011

#7 Album: Yuck – Yuck The main complaint against Yuck, as written by bloggers or lamented by WVAU executive board members (past and present), goes something like this: “I don‰'t know man, if I wanted to listen to music from the nineties, I‰'d listen to (insert Dinosaur Jr., Built to Spill, Yo ...

WVAU Top Music of 2011: #8

Sean Meehan, Sharon Din

December 26, 2011

#8 Album: Fucked Up – David Comes to Life There is hardly any aspect about the band Fucked Up that isn‰'t in some way polarizing or complicatedly multifaceted. Citing dysfunction as a source of their namesake, you can understand how seemingly self-contradictory concepts are often what build F...

WVAU Top Music of 2011: #9

Leo Zausen, Louise Brask

December 25, 2011

#9 Album: Dum Dum Girls – Only In Dreams Churning out beach-washed riot girl anthems, the Dum Dum Girls have given 2011 Only In Dreams, an album that isn’t afraid to express innermost female laments while simultaneously becoming a gut-punching rock gem. Taking you in a whirlwind of garag...

WVAU Top Music of 2011: #10

Jesse Paller, Alex Rudolph

December 23, 2011

#10 Album: Future Islands – On the Water Future Islands‰' On the Water isn‰'t particularly long, but it still manages to takes its time. Like the best break-up records, it knows you don‰'t have anything better to do with your day than sit around listening to music. It saves its poppy single f...

Best of Rack 2011: Jesse Paller’s Playlist

Jesse Paller

December 4, 2011

Download on mediafire...

Best of Rack 2011: Camilia Alavi’s Playlist

Camilia Alavi

November 28, 2011

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Best of Rack 2011: Cameron Meindl‰’s Playlist

Cameron Meindl

November 27, 2011

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Best of Rack 2011: Maxwell Tani’s Playlist

Max Tani

November 20, 2011

Overwhelmed by the rack? Having trouble unearthing the hidden gems buried in the studio shelves? We’ve recruited the WVAU Assistant Music Directors to help us unpack the rack and share their favorite spins. First up is Music Director Maxwell Tani, who gives us his picks for the semester’...

The Year Ahead, In Albums

General Manager

February 6, 2011

With a new year comes new things for WVAU.org. Starting this week, if you visit WVAU.org, you’ll be greeted by articles written by our new web team. In order to give you a little taste of what we have in store for this semester, each member wrote about which albums they’re looking forward to in ...

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