Quarantine Szn: How are Bands and Artists dealing with COVID-19?

Quarantine Szn: How are Bands and Artists dealing with COVID-19?

Joseph Patella

March 24, 2020

With recent developments regarding COVID-19, many states have been placed on lockdown, and the federal government has started to recommend “social distancing,” which entails staying at least six feet apart from others, as well as not attending events or gatherings of more than ten people. As expected,...

Respect the Classics- Iggy Pop (The Stooges) and Matt Schultz (Cage the Elephant)

Iggy Pop and Schultz

Zoe Joy

March 24, 2020

Though The Stooges and Cage the Elephant do not sound remotely similar to each other, the lead singers of both bands are cut from the same cloth. For a Respect the Classics first, the lyrics and sounds of these two bands will not be compared; instead, let’s talk about their electric stage presences! For...

Feeling Sad and Hopeful: Soccer Mommy’s “circle the drain”

Feeling Sad and Hopeful: Soccer Mommy’s “circle the drain”

Johanna Zenn

March 7, 2020

Since I was about 12, I’ve had some pretty nasty on-and-off periods of major depression. It becomes kind of blurry when it would stop and start up again, but I know for certain that I only really started coming out of it in a major way a little over a year ago. It’s a very daunting experiment to...

Monthly Mixtape: Meet Me On The Quad

AU Quad

Claire Daniel

March 6, 2020

If Wednesday was any indication, quadding season is quickly approaching and one of the most vital components of a good ~quadding sesh~ is the music. Your playlist can make or break the time that you spend with your friends and its importance cannot be understated. So I have decided to lend a hand through...

Cats: When Movie Adaptations Fail

Cats: When Movie Adaptations Fail

Jessica Anthony

March 5, 2020

So, the Cats movie was a thing. The world went through that and we survived giant weird CGI furries on the big screen, and now we as a society can collectively move on from whatever the hell ​that ​was. Except, not really, as it continues to tour the United States and has dates in cities across ...

Queens of R&B: Ari Lennox: Living in Dreamville

Queens of R&B: Ari Lennox: Living in Dreamville

Maggie Mahoney

March 3, 2020

In the wake of her recent SUB sessions performance in The Tavern at AU, it seems only fitting to examine Ari Lennox’s music career and recent work. Born Courtney Shanade Salter and known professionally under the aforementioned stage name, Lennox grew up in Northern Virginia and spent the formative...

Songs for the Signs: Aries Arrangements

Image from Labyrinthos

JJ Smith

March 2, 2020

Ever wonder what an Aries might listen to? Lucky for you, the season is almost among us, and the playlist below has an assortment of arrangements certain to ease you into the insights of this passionate, powerful sign. Ranging from March 21 to April 19, an Aries’ season comes with the start of springtime....

Headphoning it In: “The Truman Show” Reimagined


Madee Sadozai

February 28, 2020

The Truman Show is an existential trip of a film about the reality TV show revolving around Jim Carrey’s titular character, Truman Burbank, that he is completely unaware exists. His life unfolds within a simulated world, populated entirely by actors and broadcasted on live television through hidden c...

Local Creators: Kzmiblzf


Georgia Abdow

February 27, 2020

Kzmiblzf (kaws-me-bloo-sef)–whose name you might have to read over more than once–is a local hip-hop and R&B duo from Silver Spring, Maryland. With only three singles released, Ahmed Kazmi and Obi Igbo have managed to establish themselves as a talented and driven duo with a growing fanbase in...

Serotonin for the Soul: A Review of “Map of the Soul: 7”


Marjorie Blum

February 26, 2020

Ever since the fall of my junior year, I have been in absolute awe of the heartwarming, soul-touching, global sensation that is BTS. Through the various messages they send relating to loving oneself, speaking out against the ills of society and the importance of music's ability to break boundaries, they...

Respect the Classics: Anarchy and Punk Rock: Sex Pistols and Green Day

Respect the Classics: Anarchy and Punk Rock: Sex Pistols and Green Day

Zoe Joy

February 25, 2020

Here’s the setting: it’s the late 70s, and you’re pissed at the government, your 9 to 5 job, and the world in general. Instead of punching a hole in the wall, you lay down and play your Sex Pistols cassette, and you begin to feel much better. Fast forward forty years, your kids are pissed at their...

Fresh Off the Boat: Emotional Oranges’ Fresh-Squeezed Juice on Not-So-Romantic Love Stories

Emotional Oranges

Yen Dang

February 25, 2020

 Emotional Oranges may be faceless, but their music and style is most certainly not; they are actually what make their audiences feel most seen and heard. They are not here to preach about the happily-ever-afters or the tales two star-crossed lovers because those aren’t the kind of romance that ...

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