Meet the Parents: Events Director Miesha Burnam

Meet the Parents: Events Director Miesha Burnam

Miesha Burnam

October 14, 2019

Miesha is a sophomore from New Jersey studying Anthropology and Public Health. She enjoys spending her free time advocating for the use of reusable silverware and can most likely be found at the National Portrait Gallery basking in the glory of former President Barack Obama's painting. Some of her favorite...

Meet the Parents: Music Director Drew Dawson

September 9, 2019

Drew is a Junior and Music Director and her favorite pastimes include rock collecting, soup making, ice crunching, and grocery shopping. Drew is from Houston, TX and wont let anyone forget it....

Meet the Parents: Events Director Eddie Cascella

September 1, 2018

Eddie Is a junior from Pawtuxet Village, Rhode Island majoring in Environmental Science. This summer he was working for the National Park Service as a science writer. When not working as WVAU Co-events Director, he likes to play guitar, listen & make music, and play pickup soccer. Some of his favor...

Meet the Parents: Promotions Director Jacob Tracey

August 27, 2018

Jacob is a first-semester senior studying Business and Entertainment with a concentration in Music Performance. He has a huge addiction to going to concerts (partly since he works for 9:30 Club Marketing and partly because he loves live music) and listening to music. You can always catch him listening to som...

Meet the Parents: Tech Director Éowyn Fain

August 27, 2018

Éowyn is a senior in Audio Production, and is also a Big Nerd. She enjoys psychedelic rock, taking care of plants, playing D&D, and making new friends. She can often be found carrying audio equipment across campus or eating pastries in the campus cafés....

Meet the Parents: Tech Director Matt Cieslak

August 27, 2018

Matt is from Ashburn, Virginia, and a sophomore at AU in the Audio Tech major. He plans to also minor in applied physics, and hopes to get a job in a music studio. Matt is a huge music nerd and loves listening to and making music in any way he can. Some of his favorite artists include King Krule, Mile...

Meet the Parents: General Manager Halle Jaymes

August 27, 2018

Halle Jaymes is WVAU's general manager and a second year at American University studying International Studies and Jewish Studies. She is from Laguna Niguel, California and spends her days back home working at Hello Kitty Cafe and going to the beach. Her favorite artists are Phoebe Bridgers, Tie...

Meet the Parents: General Manager Oakey Daskas

August 27, 2018

Oakey Daskas has been a part of WVAU for 6 semesters, on Music Staff, as a DJ, as station manager, Programming Director, and General Manager. Oakey likes old folk music, long drives, and public lands (preferably at the same time). If you don’t know he’s from California when you meet him, he will let y...

Meet the Parents: Program Director Julia Rusnak

August 26, 2018

Julia is a sophomore studying Sociology and Legal Studies and is from Cleveland, OH. Julia loves living in DC (but she also maintains a healthy obsession with Cleveland), she has two amazing dogs named Chance and Clyde (unfortunately back home), and she also enjoys a good house plant. Julia is really exci...

Meet the Parents: Station Manager Hannah Fuchs

August 26, 2018

Hannah is the station manager for WVAU! She is originally from Arizona and a senior studying public health and statistics. Fun fact about her: she studied abroad in Kenya and got altitude sickness hiking their tallest mountain....

Meet the Parents: Art Director Thea Persaud

August 26, 2018

Thea is a senior majoring in Film and Media Arts. She loves making digital art and spending all of her savings on records.

Meet the Parents: Music Director Noah Stevens

August 25, 2018

Noah is a junior creative writing major and cinema studies minor. In his free time, he enjoys eating snacks and watching Seinfeld.

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