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12am – 1am groovy mamas w/ Adam Srikantha SHOW MAKEUP TIME SCAR Radio w/ Ace the Moth Nightswimming w/ Nathan Glusman & Logan Maddox Best of the West w/ Lucas Gorak Alpa Radio w/ Maya Hodges amateur professionals w/ Ethan Beacher & Hana Mangesha
1am-2am SHOW MAKEUP TIME SHOW MAKEUP TIME The Late Late Radio Show w/ Tai Ruinsky Late & Low w/ John Pacini
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8am-9am Head in the (Sound)Clouds w/ Kyle Dacey sound(e)scape w/ Kate Maughan Eclectic w/ Michael Quinn & Chris Medlin tonguetied: the underground sounds of modern language w/ Vicky Brown NYC Wannabes w/ Merli Delgado & Cassidy Nelson STAFF HOUR Songs from Home w/ Gabriela García-Astolfi & Katie Knecht
9am-10am American Creed w/ Tyler Creed Earworms for Bookworms w/ Erin McDonald STAFF HOURS Nasty Gal w/ Allie Papernick Pauline Ertel & Ed McElwee Surf ‘n’ Turf w/ Ryan McCauley Songs To Sing To Your Cats w/ Sarah Trindell
10am-11am Andy w/ Andy Works Bridging the Gap w/ Noah Stevens the highs and los w/ Laurel Clark and Lindsay Russell Seeking Hugh Grant w/ Gabe Bichinho Synesthesia with Syd w/ Sydney Weiss Taurus Thot w/ Elana Lipkin Halle’s Hymms w/ Halle Jaymes
11am-12pm Bar Mitzvah DJ w/ Shayna Vayser Sonic Youth w/ Sonya Pritsker Feelin’ and Healin’ w/ Amelia Covington Instrumentality w/ Shannon Durazo Young Unprofessionals w/  Colin Favero and Kimmy Rotherburg In my Feelings w/ Kira Cusick & Morgan Bluma
12pm-1pm Big Bop Theory w/ Sana Makke Puck & Punk w/ Sydney Kuntz After Hours w/ Erzsebet Helmeczy hiWAYS & biWAVES w/ Caroline Ricker Tezi w/ Teni Oduntan AltFaves & ChillDays w/ Kelvin Riddick Songs to Listen to on Your Twin Sized Mattress w/ Gwendolyn Bishop
1pm-2pm sippin w/ scuti w/ Starr Celestin Switchboard Relic w/ Ryan McAvoy and Brian Schoener What’s Cookin Hot Mama w/ Cassandra Pendino and Maia Lemann Now That You Say That… w/ Jessica Beal Peanut Butter Jams w/ Eowyn Fain CBGB LIVES! w/ Abi Roberts Festival Roadtrip w/ Kate Schroder
2pm-3pm nightwalk w/ Sheer Figman You sing like a girl w/ Mieke Shuman Down Under and Up North w/ Alejandro Irizarry Power Girls w/ Miesha Burnam Spam Musubeats w/ Keahi Scott For Those Who Listen w/ Shelby Evans
3pm-4pm Guitar Heroine w/ Hannah Woulfe & Drew Dawson Sweets on the Beat: Presenting D.C. & Black Culture w/ Jordan Tobias The Primix w/ Priyanka Gulati JayK w/ Jay Kim Hyphy Nation w/ Eleanor Mendelson Generation X w/ Grace Downward & Dylan Barber PYT w/ Laina DCosta & Maahnoor Shah
4pm-5pm Yah Feel Me w/ Gabriella Andrean Local Area Witch (LAW) w/ Caitlin Williams Pass Me the AUX w/ Calkidan Fisseha Racketeering 101 w/ Owen Robinson Pretty Sweet w/ Noni Mungai I peaked at birth w/ Tucker Malkowski SHOW MAKE UP TIME
5pm-6pm Redefining the Modern Day Woman of Color w/ Tori Powell Ace of Hearts w/ Morgan Antonez Artificial Radio w/ Ben Thorner Lo-Fi Tea Time w/ Isaiah Levinson Crush Hour w/ Cam Diagonale Thee Trashcan w/ Milo Paul Beachin’ Babes and Boys w/ Olivia Heitz
6pm-7pm Indie Afro Beatz w/ Tiffany Appiah & April Emokpae meeningful w/ Taameen Mohammad Coming Soon w/ Madeline Thigpen Underrated Radio w/ Amanda Molloy 405 Mix w/ Danielle Korzhenyak & Liza Villanueva two’s a crowd w/ Jalen Lesly & Maria Gramajo The Sound of Broken Glass w/ Tom Anderson
7pm-8pm Old Time Rock and Roll w/ Matthew Chinitz Trashcan Vibes w/ Braeden Waddell STAFF


Reading Rainbow w/ Hailey Eason walk this way w/ Margaret Schutte Slnted and Enchnted w/ Jacob Sobel oh BIG mood w/ Sarah Ross
8pm-9pm A & J’s Music Dungeon:You’re Sentenced to Auditory Confinement w/ Anying Guo and John Waaben Happy Hour w/ Tessa Dolt and Evan Greenberg Rabbit Hole w/ Griffin Rowell A Little Somthing for your earhole w/ Molly Williams & Sydney Soltau In Deep w/ Maria Carrasco Anyway Here’s Punderwall w/ Isabel Quezada & Laura Gerson SHOW MAKE UP TIME
9pm-10pm Another Soul Learns The Dance w/ Max Gowan & Robbie Green Lyrically w/ Sierra Hicks Whine & Cheese w/ Brandon Breazeale & Suah Cheong Party Central w/ Ricardo Vasquez-Salgado Deeper Dives w/ Meriem Saoud
10pm-11pm bangers n mash w/ Thomas Davidenko Age of Aquarius w/ April Dietrich Abstract Deconstruction    w/ Caden McMahan Montauk Summer w/ Jordan Phillips Backbeat Radio w/ Etaba Assigana DJPJ w/ Alexandra Sharat & Ziona Pelz-Sherman
11pm-12am Mystery Pop w/ Pedraam Faridjoo Capricorn Sisters w/ Bijan Moore   & Brittany Abrams I Would Listen to That! w/ Julian Riggs & Henry Ross Nuclear Wasteland w/ Gabe Bichinho Live Oak w/ Oakey Dakas All Around the World w/ Caleb Puthman & Christian Kahn SHOW MAKE UP TIME


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