NYC Wannabes w/ Merli Delgado & Cassidy Nelson

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Hey! Merli and Cassidy here. We’re two California natives living in D.C. hoping to one day live in NYC (hence the show name). Merli is a Business Administration Major while Cassidy is a Film major, and we’re both really interested in fashion and take our taste in music very seriously. After AU we’d both like to live in NYC, the mecca of fashion, music, and pretty much all good things in the world (except the infamous pizza eating rats). Our show will revolve around our love for the alternative, indie side of music but with a few wild cards scattered in. Listen in for good music and two kinda chatty, kinda quiet (depending on how much coffee we’ve had) NYC Wannabes.


  • Thursday - 8:00 am - 9:00 am


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