sound(e)scape w/ Kate Maughan

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In today’s world, chances are you’ll find yourself sitting in an office cubicle staring at a humming computer screen more often than you’ll find yourself having a picnic in a vineyard in Italy. Chances also are that of the two places, you’d rather not be in the cubicle. But what if you found out you could be both places at once? Vacate the dull drone of your everyday life and become transported to a brand new time and place with sound(e)scape. Every Monday at 8 am, Kate Maughan will take you someplace you’ve never been before with a carefully-curated playlist of artists from a pre-selected city and era. Sit back, relax, and drown out office life for an hour as the music carries you to Oslo, Warsaw, Marrakech, or Tokyo. Until sound(e)scape, escapism has never been this easy.


  • Monday - 8:00 am - 9:00 am


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