AU's Student-Run Internet-Only Radio


AU's Student-Run Internet-Only Radio


AU's Student-Run Internet-Only Radio


EBOARD Spring 2023

The General Managers

Summer Cirino

Summer has been involved with WVAU since her freshman year at AU! When she’s not cooking things up for WVAU, she’s probably either crushing someone in Mario Kart or treating her dog, Harry, like her son. She enjoys hiking, skiing, surfing, cooking vegan food, and going to concerts. Although she eats, sleeps, and breathes WVAU, she is also a bartender and would love to make you a drink (even though she rarely remembers the right drink recipes).

Summer is a senior from Phoenixville, PA. She is double majoring in Political Science and Spanish.

Joseph Patella

Joey has been a part of WVAU since his first semester freshman year. He has an unhealthy addiction to caffeine, Geoguessr, and Bluey. Joey is also the proud recipient of the 2022 “Worst Case of ADHD Summer Cirino has Ever Seen” Award.

Joseph is a senior from Quakertown, PA. He is majoring in Business Entertainment with an Audio Tech concentration.

Questions for the GMs? Email [email protected]

The Programming Director

Talia Marshall

Talia has been involved in WVAU since 2019, when she joined zine staff as a freshman. She was raised on American and Irish folk music and claims no relation to the Talia from the King Princess song.

Talia is a senior from Charlottesville, VA. She is majoring in Literature and American Studies and minoring in WGSS.

Questions for the Programming Director? Email [email protected]

The Promotional Director

Ellie Balk

“I love wvau! I am the promo manager so I repost all of ur stuff and try to keep everyone up to date with all the cool things we do! I love bubble tea and the color periwinkle, and I have a weird obsession with pickles and olives (I eat them everyday). I also really like music but I’m sure that’s kinda obvious”

Ellie is a junior from Pittsburgh, PA. She is majoring in WGSS and minoring in Psychology.

Questions for the Promo Director? Email [email protected]

The Art Directors

Kathryn Staebler

Kathryn is a senior who thinks going to Catholic school for 12 years is a personality trait. She IS a ginger and anyone who says otherwise can kick rocks. She also loves to read her silly little books and play card games with her cool and sexy friends 🙂

Kathryn is a senior from Warwick, RI. She is majoring in Environmental Science.

Emily Pearl Solheid

Famed artist behind DUCK with airpod, Emily is a math major on the pre law track doing art for the campus radio station – a sentence she has struggled telling every adult in her life whenever the question “what are you doing in college?” is posed. Emily is in pursuit of spending this semester becoming more of an ipad kid and continuing to lie about her major in addition to telling people about her lifetime membership with Girl Scouts. On any given day you can find Emily listening to blink-182, Billy Ray Cyrus, Lorde, The Head And The Heart, any music described as “bad”, Hannah Montana, Ashton Irwin, Wallows, the spotify “top hits of 2013 playlist”, AJR, Conan Gray, or the Riverdale Cast. Emily’s music taste was recently described as “2017”. Emily can go on and on for hours about the many times she’s seen Twenty One Pilots in concert or the time she saw The Chainsmokers perform live on her 19th birthday. Emily’s dream concert is seeing Ed Sheeran live with Macklemore as the opening act.

Emily is a sophomore from Orange County, CA. She is double majoring in Pure Mathematics and Justice & Law.

Questions for the Art Directors? Email [email protected]

The Events Directors

Ava Leach

Besides reigning as the events queen, Ava spends her time making hundreds of spotify playlists and drinking mountain dew. She is easily identified by her signature black headphones that she hardly goes a second without. Avid Dave Grohl fan and #1 hater of The Beatles, no one’s got more schemes up her sleeve. Well, maybe Samantha. Reach out to her if you have any questions or ideas, or if you have any suggestions on how to tell your parents you don’t want to go to law school.

Ava is a junior from Scranton, PA. She is majoring in CLEG and minoring in Communications.

Samantha Merar-Osborne

Misunderstood genius. Voice of a generation. Events queen Samantha spends her time scheming up new events for WVAU with Ava (her partner in crime), devoting hours to curating her Spotify, and re-reading Game of Thrones. If you have any questions about the Russian post-punk movement (or, you know, events for WVAU), feel free to hit her up.

Samantha is a sophomore from Pittsburgh, PA. She is double majoring in International Studies and Russian Studies.

Questions for the Events Directors? Email [email protected]

The Web Directors

Jess Anthony

“Ever since LMFAO released their groundbreaking single ‘sexy and I know it’, my brain chemistry permantly shifted, forming me into the person I am today: swag, epic, sexy, and self aware.”

Jess is a senior from Fremont, CA. She is majoring in Communications Studies and minoring in Studio Art.

Eva Wallis

Eva literally never shuts up about WVAU. She is a proud overpriced-latte-enjoyer and Snoopy enthusiast. Her hobbies include taking naps in hammocks, thrifting, watching movies, and forcing all her friends to take pictures with her stuffed bear, Skog.

Eva is a sophomore from Fairfield, CT. She is majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Communications.

Questions for the Web Directors? Email [email protected]

The Tech Directors

Ivana Rasch

Ivana has been involved with WVAU since last year! She loves being part of the e-board regardless of never understanding any inside jokes. Besides being the tech director of WVAU she also runs the Women In Audio club. When she is not in the AUCC office you can find her chilling at her jobs in Katzen and Kreeger.

Ivana is a junior from Guatemala. She is double majoring in Computer Science and Audio Tech.

Brian Johnke

“Hi my name’s Brian, I’m an Audio Tech major who loves listening to and making bad music. Currently working on my ambient break core slam poetry EP. Over the last year of doing my show on WVAU I’ve had the chance to discover some awesome underground artists like Yeat and Steve Lacy. On a more serious note, being Tech Director for WVAU allows me to do all my favorite things and collaborate with lovely people in the process.”

Brian is a sophomore from Stamford, CT. He is majoring in Audio Tech.

Questions for the Tech Directors? Email [email protected]

The Music Directors

Lucas Matos

Mario Kart Wii player, Lin Manuel Miranda hater

Lucas is a junior from Pelham, NY. He is majoring in Audio Production and minoring in Art.

Haddy Greenidge

“I am so excited to be part of eboard for this semester and to explore new artists and albums with the music staff! If you ever want to chat about soft rock from the 70s, you know where to find me.”

Haddy is a sophomore from Abington, PA. She is majoring in Political Science.

Questions for the Music Directors? Email [email protected]

The Station Manager

Kaitlyn Chesleigh

Kaitlyn has been involved with WVAU since her first semester of freshman year. When they’re not in the studio, Kaitlyn enjoys making playlists for her friends, spending all her money on Poshmark, and looking at pictures of Adam Driver. If you need them, Kaitlyn can be found in the Lit Lounge procrastinating the work she has for the week by re-watching The Royal Tenenbaums for the 50th time.

Kaitlyn is a sophomore from Queens, NY. They are majoring in Film and Media and minoring in Psychology.

Questions for the Station Manager? Email [email protected]

The Outreach Director

Margo Flanagan

Margo’s a WVAU rookie with an eggs benedict obsession and three cats :3

Margo is a sophomore from Wayne, PA. They are majoring in Language, Culture, and Communication.

Questions for the Outreach Director? Email [email protected]