AU's Student-Run Internet-Only Radio


AU's Student-Run Internet-Only Radio


AU's Student-Run Internet-Only Radio



Comprised of 14 students, including 12 DJs, 5 seniors, 3 MASSAVE members, 12 AJR haters, 3 residents of Cassell 5, a slew of bisexuals, 2 lethal drivers, and 1 GeoGuessr master, the WVAU Eboard works tirelessly to make WVAU the best radio station it can be.

Keep reading to find out more about the Eboard for Fall 2022!

The General Managers

Summer Cirino

Summer has been involved with WVAU since her freshman year at AU! When she’s not slamming hits and rackspins in the stu, she’s most likely annihilating someone in Mario Party or treating her dog, Harry, like her son. She enjoys hiking, skiing, surfing, cooking vegan food, and going to concerts. Although she eats, sleeps, and breathes WVAU, she is also a bartender and would love to make you a drink in exchange for a fat tip.

Summer is a senior double majoring in Political Science and Spanish.

Listen to her show, Summer in the City, on Tuesdays 3pm-4pm.

Joey Patella

Joey’s been apart of WVAU since his freshman year. “If you wanna find me I’m probably at The Bridge (they have my name and order memorized) or at the 9:30 club.”

Joey is a senior majoring in Business Entertainment and minoring in Audio Technology.

Questions for the GMs? Email [email protected]


The Music Directors

Eric Lo

“My name is Eric and I like being a part of WVAU. My favorite part of being on the eboard is the music. I really enjoy being music director because it gives me good leadership skills.”

Eric is a junior majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in Audio Technology.

Listen to his show On the Lo, on Fridays 1pm-2pm.

Samantha Merar-Osborne

“I’ve been involved in WVAU since last year and I’m really excited to be on eboard this semester as music director with Eric! I’ve always loved music and I have a lot of obscure knowledge about niche musical genres like 70’s Japanese psychedelic noise rock, Cambodian psychedelic, and Soviet jazz.”

Samantha is a sophomore majoring in International Studies and minoring in Russian Studies.

Listen to her show Mr. Worldwide, on Wednesdays 10pm-11pm.

Questions for the Music Directors? Email [email protected]


The Events Directors

Ava Leach

“Hey, I’m Ava! I’ve been a dj since my first semester at AU, and I love sharing my funky music taste and niche music knowledge on air. I know way too much about Dave Grohl. In my free time, I curate 100s (literally) of unnecessary Spotify playlists.”

Ava is sophomore majoring in CLEG.

Listen to her show Manic Pixie Dream Girl Hour, on Thursdays 9pm-10pm.

Nick Totaro

Misunderstood Genius. Voice of his generation. No prior experience with WVAU, clubs, or events directing in general.

Nick is a junior majoring in CLEG and minoring in Audio Technology.

Questions for the Events Directors? Email [email protected]


The Web Directors

Eva Wallis

Eva loves all things music, concerts, writing, and web development. Her hobbies include taking naps in hammocks, theorizing about Taylor Swift, and making ‘your mom’ jokes.

Eva is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Communications.

Listen to her show elevator music, on Tuesdays 11am-12pm.

Jess Anthony

“I’ve been a web staff writer for three years and am finally hosting my first show this semester! I’m passionate about music journalism and weird art.”

Jess is a senior majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Studio Art.

Listen to her show Class Act, on Tuesdays 10pm-11pm.

Questions for the Web Directors? Email [email protected]


The Tech Directors

Ivana Rasch

“I’m Ivana and I make good monkey impressions and code sometimes. Before being a tech director I had, and still have, a show where we play latin/hispanic music. I am also running the Women in Audio club to recruit more girlies to learn about the fun stuff(:”

Ivana is a junior double majoring in Computer Science and Audio Technology.

Listen to her show Chica Subíle, on Mondays 10am-11am.

Lucas Matos

“I am soo good at Mario Kart I will beat everyone at it, even if you think you are really good at it I will beat you at it everytime.”

Lucas is a junior majoring in Audio Production and minoring in Art.

Listen to his show The I Hate James Corden Show, on Thursdays 4pm-5pm.

Questions for the Tech Directors? Email [email protected]


The Art Directors

Kathryn Staebler

Kathryn loves iced mochas and taking naps. This is her second semester as Art Director.

Kathryn is a senior majoring in Environmental Science.

Listen to her show Sea Sounds, on Wednesdays 5pm-6pm.

Emily Solheid

Member of WVAU for 2 semesters, Californian, Girl Scout, #math, lover of boy band (Michael Clifford), the only person who understands country music, swiftie, listens to Katy Perry whenever depressed, loves the desert, Riverdale apologist, ironic music connoisseur, cat person, hiking enthusiast, pop punk supporter, folk music enthusiastic, has 2 kneecaps in one leg, #1 player in the world on the Property Brothers’ mobile game, world’s best AJR impersonator, film bro (dcoms only), middle school emo, has been dyeing hair for 7 years, knows the lyrics to all of the Hamilton musical, cd collector.

Emily is a sophomore double majoring in Mathematics and Justice and Law and minoring in Graphic Design.

Listen to her show HODGEPODGE!, on Sundays 7pm-8pm.
Questions for the Art Directors? Email [email protected]


The Station Manager and Promotional Director

Ellie Balk

“hehe hi everyone my name is ellie and i love wvau! i know that is so basic but i think music and ppl are awesome so combining that is perfect:) i love posting on the social media and keeping the studio nice and clean and cool! add me on spotify @eib13r ok thats all byeee <3”

Ellie is a junior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Theater.

Listen to her show Let’s Get Connected, on Tuesdays 8pm-9pm.

Questions about the station? Email [email protected]
Questions about promotions? Email [email protected]


The Programming Director

Talia Marshall

Talia has been involved in WVAU since 2019, when she joined zine staff as a freshman. She was raised on American and Irish folk music and claims no relation to the Talia that King Princess sings about, but does claim to be WVAU’s biggest Bluey fan.

Talia is a senior double majoring in Literature and American Studies and minoring in WGSS.

Listen to her show 32 Flavors and Then Some, on Wednesdays 7pm-8pm.

Questions for the Programming Director? Email [email protected]