New City, New Music

Faye Webster with Danger Incorporateds Boothlord. Credit:  Boothlord on Instagram

Faye Webster with Danger Incorporated’s Boothlord. Credit: Boothlord on Instagram

Gwyneth Hill

Who: Faye Webster & Danger Incorporated

When: 09/24/21

Where: Capital Turnaround

I’m new to the city, new to the music and new to the people. As someone from Indiana, a place where almost no one comes to tour, I figured if I really wanted to become a “big city folk” I needed to venture out. And that’s exactly what I have set out to do. I am so incredibly excited and fortunate to be able to begin this journey. Through my articles, you’ll follow me attempting to navigate the metro, new venues and music (hopefully on a $20 or less budget).

I eagerly made my way to the metro around 7:30 to get there in time for general admission. I glided onto the red line towards Glenmont in order to hop on the silver line. I made my way towards Capital Turnaround (which btw is a dug out church basement now used for hippie-dippie musicians to frequent). While I waited in the line for general admission, I talked with two girls itching to get inside towards the stage and admired the juxtaposition of the Navy sailors on one side of the street and heavy-eyelined, high- heeled fans on the other.

My new friends and I swiftly walked inside the venue where we were ushered into seats that no one sat in. The lights dim and the Atlanta-based rap duo, Danger Incorporated, walk out. They sing, “Shut the F*ck Up,” and yell “Can I get an amen?” Although many of their songs seemed more auto-tune than technique, I loved the song “Change Me”. All and all the boys, Boothlord & Louie Duffelbags, had an amazing stage presence and drew out the energy from a somber crowd needed for the next act.

Faye and her bandmates walk out followed by a surge of fans to the stage. In her 60s mod dress she began to play “I Know Im Funny haha” and the audience screamed. She weaved new and old songs melodically and you could feel the connection between her and her bandmates. As a special treat she welcomed her favorite yo-yoer on stage, of course. 

The whole set ended with an encore and the song, “Right Side of My Neck”. We all exited and as I wandered towards the metro in a sort of post-concert haze I held a box of pizza and a man yelled at me, “Hey baby wanna give me a slice?” So that in a phrase is how my night went.