Culture and Cadence: From the Dorm to the Club Instagram credit.

Sam Kuramoto

DC is a sleepless city, and the nightlife perfectly embodies this. Like most of the incoming students, I’ve done my fair share of clubbing and getting familiar with the incredible venues that are scattered around the city. While it’s not always the smartest financial decision to end every week with a night of clubbing, I think it provides a nice break from monotony. Most of us only get to see the clubs from one side, but I’ve been lucky enough to get an insider look into the world behind the DJ booth.

I have been granted this opportunity through my neighbor and now close friend, Rayyan. Rayyan is an amateur DJ who has been making his mark on a number of different clubs and private parties around the DC area. When he’s not in class or behind the booth at a party, he sets up his tables on top of his bed in preparation for the next event. Both a student here at AU and a working DJ, his endeavors have been extremely impressive to me as I’ve watched him balance the two.


Q: How did you get started DJing?

A: So, over quarantine, my friends and I bought a set and started to mess around, and I really liked it. And from there, I just taught myself. Nuff’ said.


Q: What’s your favorite club?

A: My favorite club would probably be Flash, because of the setup and their true focus on the music. They put music before anything else, so they are very picky about what type of music it is. And it is ALWAYS new to the ear, so it’s a different experience every time.


Q: What’s the hardest part about it all?

A: The hardest part would be compiling and arranging my music. Once you learn how to DJ, there’s only so much you can do as far as learning more mixing skills. There’s obviously things to learn, but the thing you HAVE to keep doing is updating your playlist and making sure that the songs fit the vibe of your playlist. Finding new songs is key so it never gets repetitive. Exactly.


Q: What are your plans going forward?

A: I have a lot of plans. This is my first year in DC, and I’m planning on continuing to play at different nightclubs. In the future I want to have my own organization where I can throw underground parties (very exclusive parties), in very crazy locations. I want to give DC college students some excitement.


Q: What do you want to tell the world?

A: If I had to give the kids some advice… If you have a goal or a passion, never let anyone stop you from getting where you want to go. And, keep it one hunnid.


You can catch Rayyan and I at the FISHER show on Friday the 22nd at Echostage. Follow him on Instagram for weekly updates on where he’s playing. I promise you don’t want to miss the energy that Rayyan brings to the clubs near you.