Songs that Click: Dance Parties and Spooky Season


“Seventeen 9th Mini Album ‘Attacca’ Highlight Medley” on YouTube

Ruby Werckman

Welcome back to Songs that Click! I will once again be bringing up songs that have really stood out to me this week and discussing why I think they did so and why you should listen to them too. Hopefully some of these songs will make your week a bit better like they did for me!


Superficial Love – Calica and Magdalena Bay and iloveyou – between friends

I’m grouping these two songs together because they give off similar vibes and made it on this list for the same reasons. Both songs make me feel like dancing around alone in my room with these songs blasting. Also both of these songs (and one other on this list) are from the Discover Weekly playlist Spotify made me last week so shout out to Spotify; they’ve really gotten my music taste down. “Superficial Love specifically stands out to me because of so many fun aspects like the magical sounds in the background during the chorus and the fun snippet of a voicemail part way through as the song builds up for one more chorus. This song slightly reminds me of some other artist/song but I can’t quite place what, possibly Charli XCX, Slayyyter, or CHVRCHES especially their song “Get Out (my favorite). “iloveyou on the other hand, slightly reminds me of Ribs by Lorde, especially in the verses, but if it was less sad and more just fun coming of age movie scene where you’re riding in your best friend’s car at night with the windows down vibes. Both of these songs make my mood 20 times better when I listen to them so they have absolutely made my week and I highly recommend them.


2 MINUS 1 – Seventeen (Vernon and Joshua)

If anyone reading this knows me personally, you would not be surprised I’m including this song. Seventeen are one of my top artists right now and I’ve really been looking forward to this album, especially this song, and it did not disappoint. It reminds me of a lot of “G R O W” (which I mentioned in my last article so check that one out!) This song is just really fun which seems to be a theme this week. After fall break I’ve been feeling a bit more relaxed and able to spend more time socializing which has been really fun and energizing just like these songs. Maybe this song helped me manifest having a fun weekend and meeting new cool people by making me shout the lyrics, “’Cause I’m not lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, yeah.” Or maybe the timing was a total coincidence, but either way this song is great.


Chaser – Woodz

Surprise, surprise, this song also makes me want to dance around and sing dramatically into my hairbrush as I flip my hair around and strum an imaginary guitar. I guess I needed lots of energetic songs to keep me pushing through this awkward section of the semester where midterms are sort of over but it’s still a while before Thanksgiving and most people are just focused on Halloween at this point. This song specifically fits this timing very well because it somehow reminds me of “Thriller by Michael Jackson, which definitely gives me Halloween vibes. I’m honestly not really sure why this song reminds me of “Thriller”. I think something about the rhythm and energy of it, as well as the way that Woodz switches to higher notes for the chorus on “liar” and “chaser” is similar to Michael Jackson switching to higher notes at the end of his sentences in the chorus of “Thriller”as well. Or maybe “chaser” just sounds similar to “thriller” because of the -er sound, but whatever it is, it makes this song feel fitting for the week of Halloween.


Calling All the Monsters – China Anne McClain

Speaking of Halloween week, it would be basically illegal not to include this song in an article released close to Halloween. “Calling All the Monsters” is actually the superior Halloween song and no one will ever be able to convince me otherwise. The music video is incredibly iconic and it has become a Halloween tradition of mine to rewatch it, as well as the episode of A.N.T Farm that this song is from, so I just HAD to include it for this column.


Honorary mentions aka songs I also really loved this week but are too similar to others in this column: “are you?” by Zeph, “The Weekend” by 88rising and BIBI, and “SOMEBODY” by Keshi.

Thanks for reading, see you in two weeks! Happy (early) Halloween!