Intro to Spiritbox + Concert Preview


Sam Kuramoto

New and refined energy. A breathtaking and modern sound bringing us into the new era of metal. Hailing from Victoria, British Columbia, Spiritbox is paving the way and setting the standard for the newest age of heavy music. Led by the incredibly talented Courtney LaPlante, post-metalcore has never sounded so polished or looked so good. Showcasing a sound that satisfies the most rigid of metalcore fans while also attracting a new generation of fans altogether, this isn’t a band you want to miss.

Any first-time listener would be keen to pick up the dynamics that vocalist Courtney LaPlante brings to each of her tracks. With a truly impressive voice, she delivers clean angelic verses as well as screaming choruses that are sure to raise your arm hairs. Spiritbox encapsulates all of the best aspects of modern heavy music to create what critics are calling “post-metalcore”. I’ve been a metalhead for a long time and it’s been nothing but refreshing to hear what Spiritbox is putting on to the scene. The majority of “heavy” bands out there feature mostly male vocalists and have therefore set the industry standard of just that. My heavy music library needed some branching out, and my love for the genre only grew as I’ve searched for more diverse bands. As time went on, I ventured to look further into groups with female members and specifically vocalists. Lacy Sturm of Flyleaf, Amy Lee of Evanescence, Morgan Lander of Kittie and Emma Boster of Dying Wish to name a few of my favorites. Courtney is pushing boundaries even further and is continuing to pave the way for women in metal.

Their debut album Eternal Blue hit number 13 on the Billboard 200 in 2021 and they’ve never been in more demand since. I would credit a lot of their success to their marketing, as they not only established themselves as a band during the pandemic but also as a brand. Cultivating a large number of fans through internet marketing and singular song releases during a pandemic is no easy task for any band, but Spiritbox has truly proven themselves to be an outlier. Now in 2022, the band is taking their sound to the stage in their first tour with legendary metalcore band Underoath.

If you want to experience the energy of Spiritbox and familiarize yourself with a band who is truly taking over a genre, tickets are still available for the Underoath Voyeurist tour. The next show is Friday 3/18 at The Fillmore in Silver Springs, Maryland with doors opening at 7:30. With a blend of unbelievable vocals, aggressive lyricism and unforgiving instrumentation, this is not a show or band you’re going to want to miss.