Songs From The Heart: “Give Up Baby Go” by Peach Pit


Peach Pit

Olivia Barclay

Respectful sobbing at the Canadian dance club.

Hey everyone and welcome back to Songs From The Heart! Today’s song, “Get Up Baby Go” by Peach Pit, was released as a part of their newest album From 2 to 3 on March 4th. When I tell you I sat up in bed when this song came on, I’m dead serious. I mean in my personal opinion this is one of the best songs off the album but I’m getting ahead of myself, so let’s take a little trip back to first semester, shall we?

I remember I was actually doing a radio show this particular morning and a few days prior Peach Pit had released a new song titled “Up Granville,” and I had really liked it so I decided to play it on this week’s show. While it was playing I went to Peach Pit’s discography just to see what they were up to and to see how many albums they have out, you know the usual stuff. Now I’m an Apple Music user, I’ve discussed this before, but if you aren’t aware of their interface, when an artist has a new release it will show up at the top of their discography page. So I saw From 2 to 3 was up there and clicked on it, showing me the full album but only allowing me to play “Up Granville”. I was super pumped when I saw a new album was on the way after I heard “Up Granville” so I marked the release date, March 4th, in my calendar.

Flash forward to about two weeks ago, it was 11:59pm and I was laying in bed waiting for the album to release. As soon as my clock hit 12:00am, I went straight to the album and clicked play. The album opens with “Up Granville” and then “Vickie,” which was also released as a tease for the album about two months ago. Then we get “Lips Like Yours” and “Pepsi on the House” two very different sounding songs but both very solid to Peach Pit’s sound. Then I came to “Give Up Baby Go”.

I was greeted with the gentle tap of a cymbal which was then supported by a folksy guitar line, and finally the drums and vocals. This continues throughout the first verse and then the tempo speeds up a bit to lead up to the chorus. The chorus is where I get chills because something about its sound is so addicting. There’s three strums of the guitar at the end of the chorus and when I heard it for the first time I literally sat up in bed. It felt like the back part of my brain had just been electrified and at that moment I knew this was going to be a hit.

“Give Up Baby Go” and the entire From 2 to 3 album is so unique to the development of Peach Pits sound. They started off with that classic indie-pop sound of the late 2010s but this album is crucial to their growth as a band. Peach Pit really found their voice in this album and has helped to set them apart from the other bands that gained their popularity during that same time. Now it may feel like I’m giving an album review, which yes I agree I sort of am, but this album and band means so much to me that it’s so hard to just focus on one song of theirs to explain their brilliance.

This album has officially become one of my favorites and has become a sort of comfort to me. Anytime I’m stressed or sad, From 2 to 3 is immediately played. This album has just such a sweet and soothing sound that helps to ground me when I’m all mixed up in school work. “Give Up Baby Go” is one of my favorites from the album and I definitely recommend giving it a listen but also check out the full album after so you can gauge just how important this album is to Peach Pits musical development.