Musical Personalities: Peppermint Tea, Creativity, and Individuality

Photo taken by Q.D

Photo taken by Q.D

Ruby Werckman

Welcome back to Musical Personalities, a column where I analyze how my friends’ music tastes match their personalities. This week, I am looking at my friend Q.D’s top three songs. Q.D is one of my closest friends from home and probably the coolest person I know. She is very expressive and creative, always passionate about what she loves and the people around her. She is always fun to be around, whether she’s making me laugh until I cry or learn more about myself through just talking with her and sharing deeper emotions. These three songs perfectly encapsulate this mix of energies as you will see.


wyd – Remi Wolf

This song is a very powerful, fun, energetic song with a sense of resilient individualism breaking from the status quo. Throughout the song, there’s a steady beat/rhythm which the rest of the song builds on top of up until the final seconds of the song. This song is full of many different electronic sounds and elements, with lots of funky electronic sounds building up throughout the song and background vocals emphasizing parts of the main vocals. The energy and structure of this song creates a flowy yet passionate stance of defiance through being oneself and continuing to do the things you love. This song most definitely reminds me of Q.D, who I’ve always looked up to for the way she is so expressive in who she is despite other people’s opinions. Even when I know they do bother her, she doesn’t let other people hold her back. She seems so strong in the way this song is powerful in its uniqueness, especially with the beautiful bridge where many different altered voices build up on one another to push the message of having security in one’s personal identity. My favorite lyrics are the lines, “I don’t want your money, I’mma sip my tea/Yeah, looking just like me,” especially because when I imagine home, part of what I imagine is sitting in Q.D’s kitchen sipping her scalding hot peppermint tea, talking about anything and everything that makes us us.


Orange Road? – Bronze ft YUKIKA

This song is a fun sentimental jazzy city pop song. It feels very nostalgic, with the way the electronic sounds go hand in hand with the jazzier instrumental parts and a hint of disco vibes but in a softer, reminiscent way. Q.D is a very nostalgic person, often searching out certain foods or drinks that remind her of specific memories from her past, even creating a whole Spotify playlist around one specific wall in Japan, so this song is very fitting. The song starts to end as the fun electronic sounds and instruments die down until it’s just the crisp vocals of Yukika repeatedly singing, “nothing lasts forever,” followed by angelic ooos. The song cuts out entirely for a moment before the jazzy upbeat instrumental comes back and Bronze sings again, until the song finally officially ends with a classic fade out. The elegant, dreamy nostalgia fits perfectly with the way Q.D often describes some of her past memories.


Headaches – Raveena

This is another dreamy song, but in a much slower way. Fun funky bass and extra sounds accentuating the basic guitar line bring us in, with slow sentimental vocals building a soft sentimental feeling. This song is filled with bittersweet images of summer love, and the fear of loving too hard and losing some control. The lines, “She’s the kinda girl who will fuck you up/I’m the kinda girl who will love too much,” really stuck out to me for they definitely relate to Q.D’s scorpio venus (which we both share and lament over quite often). Q.D loves everyone around her so strongly, in a much more understated and underappreciated way, radiating love and support for so many people around her that she deserves to get back. This song radiates that sense of loving love and romance but having to balance how much of your love you’re giving away to others and how much you’re saving for yourself.


Overall, I am definitely not surprised these are Q.D’s favorite songs. Q.D is one of the most loving and non-judgemental people I know, and these songs perfectly demonstrate her passionate, powerful, creative side that inspires everyone around her, or at least me, as well as her more sincere emotional aspects connecting her to the world in a beautiful bittersweet way that makes me hope she knows she deserves all the happiness and love she desires from this world and I will not let her settle for anything less. What lovely songs from a lovely person. Even if you do not know Q.D, I hope you enjoyed getting to know some new songs and vibes. See you in the next column!