Listen to Terrah Mack as she counts down the top 5 pop princesses you won’t want to miss out on.


Terrah Mack

The pop world has been overtaken by many new female stars like Dua Lipa, Lizzo, and Doja Cat, while still favoring more seasoned stars like Taylor Swift, Adele, and Beyoncé. As society places its major influences on pop culture, it is constantly changing at a fast pace so it is hard to miss the artist of some of your favorite Top 50 tracks. With this article, I hope you start to put some names to songs and want to dive into each artist on my lists’ discography even more

1. Rina Sawayama: To be one of the most underrated pop stars of our generation is a complete understatement. From her hard-hitting debut album titled, Sawayama, which took 2020 by storm, topping multiple top albums of the year charts to her most recent album, Hold the Girl, she again proves herself as one of the top lyricists with the best production. She isn’t afraid to play with genres with her two newest singles, This Hell which takes inspiration from stars like Kacey Musgraves and Shania Twain to Hold the Girl which follows more in Lady Gaga’s footsteps with dramatic production and theatrical vocals. She is simply not one to sleep on. Here are some must listen songs:

    1. XS from Sawayama
    2. Cherry(Single)
    3. “Minor Feelings from Hold the Girl


2) Sabrina Carpenter: If the first thing you think of when you say Sabrina Carpenter is Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett’s drama then you are learning something new today. From her Disney channel beginnings, she was almost destined to follow her predecessors like Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus in becoming a pop star. With her first albums Eyes wide open and EVOlution following the Disney trends of the late 2010s, it wasn’t until Singular Act I and Singular Act II that she explored more pop and R&B styles. Her newest album, emails i can’t send, mixes all of her previous sounds together to make a cohesive project with songs like “Nonsense”, “all because i liked a boy”, and “Read your Mind”. All of her music is absolutely incredible and you should get to know her when you have a chance. Here are some must listen to songs:

    1. “Honeymoon Fades” (Single)
    2. “Bad Time” from Singular Act I
    3. “Fast Times” from emails i can’t send


3. FLO: What’s better than one pop star? Three pop stars. Flo is a newly debuted pop/R&B girl group from the UK. They first stepped out on the scene when their debut song, “Cardboard Box,” began to trend on Tiktok. The girls began to gain a huge social media following from their aesthetics resembling girl groups like 3LW and Destiny’s Child. FLO’s members Jorja Douglas, Stella Quaresma, and Renée Downer all share a love for music with harmonies and melodies that were meant for each other. Although their discography is small with one EP titled The Lead, it is definitely worth a listen for all of those who are nostalgic for 90s R&B mixed with contemporary pop. Here are some must listen to songs:

    1. “Cardboard Box” from The Lead
    2. “Immature” from The Lead
    3. “Summertime” from The Lead

4. Tate McRae: From making songs in the bedroom to embarking on global stardom; Tate McRae is the few rags to riches stories pop stories of our generation. Resembling beginnings like Billie Ellish and Taylor Swift, the teenage turned pop star is super in touch with Gen Z making songs about heartbreak and improvement putting her at the top for the teenage/early adult audience. With her new album titled, i used to think i could fly, feeling like her audible diary with songs like “chaotic”, “hate myself”, and “boy x”, it is a great debut project and entry into the pop scene. Here are some must listen to songs:

      1. “she’s all i wanna be” from i used to think i could fly
      2. “you broke me first” from too young to be sad
      3. “rubberband” from too young to be sad

5. Normani: Fifth Harmony was one of the biggest girl groups of the 2010s so it was almost evitable for Normani to have a very successful solo career, especially with the support from major pop icons like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Beyoncé. Well, that’s not exactly been the case. With a combination of no support from her label and no music being released, Normani’s star seems to have shined but is now starting to fade. Her discography mimics the early 2000s sounds with “Wild Side” and “Motivation,” but she also knows how to tap into her contemporary style with “Waves” and “Fair”. She is easily one of the best performers on this list and in the pop industry – here are some must listen to songs:

        1. “Slow Down” (Single)
        2. “Waves” (Single)
        3. “Checklist” (Single)


Hopefully you ended this article learning about someone new or interested in listening to any of these incredible artists’ discography. Thank you so much for reading!