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Keep on Smiling (Two Door Cinema Club)

Keep on Smiling (Two Door Cinema Club)

October 26, 2022

If you’re in the mood for some music to dance to as summer ends, Two Door Cinema Club’s newest album, Keep on Smiling, is the perfect album for you. Coming out of the gates with Messenger AD (Intro), an almost Stranger Things-esque opener, the band creates an incredibly misleading introduction to this fun, summery, pop album. From Blue Light to Disappearer, listeners are thrown into a mayhem of synthesizer and 80s-inspired beats, but the album fails to disappoint, maintaining that iconic sound since their first album, while adding a new theme: nostalgia. Although the summer is over, the album (and specifically Lucky and Millionaire) maintains that warm, comforting feel that you get when remembering summers of the past, first loves, and happy childhood memories. “Whatever the weather, it’s always a pleasure / welcome any time you call.”

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