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Notes with Nicole: Songs to Listen to When Your Therapist Can’t Meet

November 3, 2022

We all have that one playlist. THE scary playlist with 100+ of the most gut-wrenching sad songs that we try our absolute hardest to avoid. Sometimes, it calls our name and there is just no ignoring it. Well, I have that playlist and then the one I play right after. The following songs are in the “after” playlist. Songs that calm you down, help you feel less isolated, and soothe your frantic mind. 

*each one will be assigned an astrology sign*

“You’re On Your Own, Kid” by Taylor Swift- In honor of Midnights being released, I had to include a song. This song is like a warm hug from yourself, because only you know all the pain you’ve endured, all the people you’ve counted on who let you down, and all the disappointments you’ve faced. There is a bittersweet essence to the song. At first, the phrase, “You’re on your own, kid. You always have been”, sounds lonely, isolating, and sad. As the song goes on, the phrase becomes more and more empowering. It helps you embrace what you’ve been through and recognize your own strength. 

Cancer moon- Sentimental souls who are constantly looking out for everyone but themselves. They tend to see the good in everyone, sometimes to their own detriment. They are strong, but they are sensitive souls. They go through a lot emotionally, and have preserved on their own many times. This song is for you Cancer moons! You don’t need others to be happy or whole. You are wonderful as you are.

“Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby” by Cigarettes after Sex- Although this song is being recited to a partner, I like to imagine it’s my younger self talking to me now. Looking in the mirror and singing along, “Nothing’s gonna hurt you baby, as long as you’re with me you will be just fine”, is so therapeutic to me. It’s also emotional and sentimental. 

Scorpio suns- Scorpios are very intense but very emotional. They are not usually super open with the deeper parts of themselves. That’s why this song is dedicated to them. They are so terrified of being vulnerable and being hurt, and when they are it’s like a knife to the heart. So, this very sentimental and intense song goes out to them. Scorpios, you deserve to be free with your heart. 

“Dancing in The Dark” by Bruce Springsteen- This is definitely a switch from the previous songs, but an upbeat old song always does the trick when I find myself wallowing in my sadness. This song, specifically, I have been listening to for years and years (thanks Dad). My favorite lyrics are, “You can’t start a fire, sittin’ round cryin’ over a broken heart” because true! It gives me the motivation to see past my current situation, knowing that emotions pass, and new amazing things are waiting for me. 

Sagittarius and Aries sun- This one is for the Sag and Aries people! They are typically known to be very free, fun-loving, and passionate. I think this song fits their narrative perfectly. Although both signs do have intense and powerful feelings, there is always a voice inside of them saying “it’s gonna be alright, stop worrying!” and I think this song encapsulates that. Instead of crying, dance it all out.

“Against The Wind” by Bob Seger- Another oldie. I adore this song because it is so flowy, the lyrics are so comforting, and the music is so warm. As the song goes on, I feel more and more relaxed. It has the whole “life goes on ” message, allowing me to see past the intensity of the moment. Often, we will feel like we are running against the wind. However, we gain insight and experience and trust so we can be better equipped to handle hardships. 

Capricorn sun/rising- Capricorns are Earth signs, so naturally they have a logical way of thinking. I like this song for them because they are mature and when people hurt them it stings, but they have the attitude of “life will keep going and so will I”. They can look back nostalgically, and feel somewhat melancholy, but they will go on. This song has that same message. 

“Writer In The Dark” by Lorde- I love this song. It’s so beautiful, heartbreaking, yet inspiring and uplifting (in its own way). To me, it’s about using writing, words, and poetry to express a broken heart. I also see it as a progression of acceptance of yourself and your intense emotions, your unconditional love, and fierce heart. Lorde goes, “I am my mother’s child, I’ll love you till’ my breathing stops, I’ll love you till you call the cops on me. But in my darkest hour I stumble on a secret power I’ll find a way to be without you babe.” I also love the end of that line, it’s so real. Only in your darkest moments can you learn and grow and find the strength left to persevere and build a stronger relationship with yourself because of it. 

Scorpio and Leo venus- “Writer In The Dark” is an intense song. As I described above, the song is about accepting intense feelings and transcribing them into words. Scorpio and Leo venus’ are amongst the most loving, intense, possessive lovers in the Zodiac. They get caught up in their emotions very easily and can feel overwhelmed by them. I think they should listen to this song, see they are not alone, and having big feelings is so beautiful and unique. You get to experience life in such a rich form. 

Thank you for reading 🙂 See you next time!

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