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December 2, 2022

It’s the time of year where you just can’t escape Spotify Wrapped—the app itself is bombarding  us with their own Wrapped propaganda, Instagram and Snapchat stories are flooded with  everyone posting their stats, and Twitter is rotating mockeries and memes on its unhinged  conveyor belt. Luckily for you, I’ve decided to be a sheep and write about my top five artists.  Hopefully you’re not quite tired of Spotify Wrapped yet, because I’ve got fifty new songs on this  week’s Now Playing: featuring my top five artists of 2022. The concept here is to showcase ten  songs from each artist (which was unbelievably difficult to whittle down—I just love too many  songs), mainly to indicate my favorites mixed with a few fan favorites. If all goes to plan, you’ll  recognize an artist, but not all their songs. Try something new! 

My Chemical Romance. Anyone who knows me is tired of hearing me talk about MCR and  Gerard Way and all their funny little lore. I have my roommate to thank for putting me on, and  in the span of a year, they’ve shot to my number one artist, and I’ve made it into their top 0.5%  of listeners. Now, some might say this is not something to boast about; I disagree. Only the  most cultured listen to MCR, and only the most amazing have them in their top five artists. I  mean this in a completely unbiased way. Seriously. Here are ten songs of theirs I chose to  feature (but I wish I could’ve had at least twenty more): 

  • “Dead!” 
  • “Sleep” 
  • “Disenchanted” 
  • “Kill All Your Friends” 
  • “Heaven Help Us” 
  • “S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W” 
  • “Summertime” 
  • “Thank You for the Venom” 
  • “Headfirst for Halos” 

Young the Giant. This band has been my #1 artist for the past four years, and unfortunately has  been pushed to my #2 for the first time ever. Nonetheless, they have a special place in my  heart. I have a pretty embarrassing origin story of how I got into them: Glee. Yup, the cursed  show that we all know and have a hate/love relationship with. I was watching Blaine (played by  the talented Darren Criss) sing “Cough Syrup,” and I was hooked. From that point on, I have  been obsessed. Unfortunately, I only have room for ten songs on this playlist, but please please  please listen to more. You won’t regret it: 

  • “The Walk Home” 
  • “Nothing’s Over” 
  • “Amerika” 
  • “Firelight” 
  • “In My Home” 
  • “Superposition”
  • “You + I” 
  • “Apartment” 
  • “12 Fingers” 
  • “My Body” 

Pierce the Veil. Another recently acquired taste of mine. In the past eight months or so, PTV  has dominated my playlists, and I have been absolutely enamored with them from first listen.  They are absolutely impeccable when it comes to crazy breakdowns, to the point where I have  to say caution: eardrum-shredding decibels are inevitable. Again, it was so difficult to keep to  my limit of ten songs, but here is a good mix of their most popular songs and my personal  favorites: 

  • “Props & Mayhem” 
  • “King For A Day” 
  • “A Match Into Water” 
  • “Dive In” 
  • “Texas Is Forever” 
  • “Bedless” 
  • “Song for Isabelle” 
  • “Bulletproof Love” 
  • “Disasterology” 
  • “Currents Convulsive” 

Paramore. They have a most special place in my heart. Just as any young Twilight fanatic, I was  obsessed (and honestly, still am) with the soundtrack they used in the first movie. This was  where I first discovered the magic of Paramore. It was love at first listen, and fortunately I  included both songs they made for the movie below (“Decode and “I Caught Myself”). I think I  was about eight years old when I first watched it, so it’s been a while—possibly one of the OG  artists in my mental discography. I am one of the lucky few who secured presale tickets to their  upcoming tour (PIT TICKETS, to say the least), and I will never stop bragging. These are the ten  picks of mine I chose for this article: 

  • “This Is Why” 
  • “Hard Times” 
  • “Caught in the Middle” 
  • “Ignorance” 
  • Brick by Boring Brick” 
  • “Emergency” 
  • “That’s What You Get” 
  • “Still into You” 
  • “Decode” 
  • “I Caught Myself” 

The 1975. Last, but not least. I am a Matty Healy fanatic (I say only a *little* sheepishly).  There’s just something about a wacky British guy that does it for me. For years I denied myself 

the ability to stan The 1975 because I was scared of being basic—but no longer. The vocals? The  instrumentals? The production? The lyrics? Chef’s kiss. Utterly flawless. All these elements  combined with their stage presence, and we’ve got the whole package. Just as with all the  other artists on this list, it was almost impossible for me to mention only ten songs. Yet, I  soldiered through, and I made the executive decisions required to make this list possible. At  least I attempted to choose some that were not too basic—but, alas, I can only do so much.  Here are the ones that made the cut: 

  • “About You” 
  • “Looking For Somebody (To Love)” 
  • “Roadkill” 
  • “Guys” 
  • “I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)” 
  • “Love It If We Made It” 
  • “Paris” 
  • “The Sound” 
  • “Robbers” 
  • “Menswear” 

Obviously, I’ve got to plug the playlist behind the column. Now Playing: can be found on my  Spotify profie @sabrina.capello. Give it a listen!

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