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The ultimate guide to making a playlist for your boyfriend (girlfriend, partner, or loved one).

February 27, 2023

The ultimate guide to making a playlist for your boyfriend (girlfriend, partner, or loved one). 

This history of curating a playlist as an act of love has been a time-honored tradition. And while the format may have changed throughout the yeast. Going from a mixed tape to a Spotify playlist-the act still remains the same. But how do you do it? Here are some guidelines to help you show the person you’re obsessed with what they mean to you. 

1-Songs that remind you of them 

Starting off your playlist you should think about what type of music they resemble. Are they an upbeat pop album? Or more of a really good EDM song? Regardless of what type of music they are, it is important to think about them and your relationship. When you picture your special someone what sound comes to mind? Going off that thought you can look through your other playlists to find what best resembles them. And whether you add an entire album or just a few songs is up to you. This can be a fun experience to go through your music library to see what songs spark a connection between the person and music. 

2-Your favorites 

Sharing music can be a very personal and intimate act. This is why it is important to put some of your favorite songs on this playlist. The songs that make you smile, the ones you scream the lyrics to, and the ones you have loved for the longest time. This is a simple act of telling your partner that you want them to enjoy the same things that you do. Hopefully, by doing this you can foster a playlist where you can both obsess over the same artists and songs together. 

3-Ones you have memories with 

This is the section that should make your partner smile every time they hear them. Ideally, you would have gone to a concert with them which would fill up this playlist very fast. But if they are not as much a music lover as you are, it can be the song that played on your first date or anything you have a connection to listening to them with. This section of the playlist shows your partner that you remember and care about the experiences the two of you have gone through. Which makes songs sound even better when you have such a positive memory associated with them.

4-What they like 

Now it is time to impress your person by showing that you truly know their music taste. This can be the song that they always put on when you’re driving, or the first concert they went to, or just what they love to listen to. By adding these types of songs to your playlist you ensure that it isn’t the same as your Spotify On Repeat playlist and is only the songs you like. 

I hope that these guidelines provide you some help for the next time you create a playlist for the person you love <3

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