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Concert Preview: Duster

April 11, 2023

To all slow-core girlies, Radiohead heads, and incels all over the DMV, rejoice! The North Star itself might as well come down and kiss us all. Why? Three words. Duster. Is. Coming. On April 11, Black Cat will be hosting the genre-defining group, as well as emerging indie duo Widowspeak at 7:30.

Since their debut studio album, Stratosphere, in 1998the band has been a staple of indie, space rock, and most famously slow-core. After an 18 year hiatus, they have picked back up their shoegaze guitar pedals, releasing their second album since their return, Together. Their sound would worry any competent parent listening through the door of their troublesome and edgy teen, containing mystical guitar riffs and hallucinatory vocals.

Road tour teammates, Widowspeak, are flashing their new album as well. Their ten track album The Jacket, is a doubling down on their already well established dream pop sound. The album has a more 90s bite than their previous projects, with some songs giving a golden-age MTV unplugged spirit, like “True Blue” as well as the album’s title track. This new angle combined with Duster’s sound produces a euphonic spectacle you cannot miss.

Where else could titans of opposite coasts come together other than the center of our nation’s capital and epitome of the American Dream… 14th Street. With only GA tickets available, the concert is sure to be an elbow-to-elbow head swaying frenzy in one of D.C.’s last authentic subculture safe havens. You can leave the elbow pads and combat helmets at home; fans should arrive expecting the classic tranquil environment that comes with the band’s dreamy ballads.

Expect to see a clash of cultures among attendees at the Black Cat. The sure to be in attendance tween TikTok influencers crossing paths with the flannel-wearing, Zoloft repping millennials who just left the house for the first time since winter could yield exciting results.

For those still ticket hunting, prices are currently hovering between 60 and 80 dollars. Get them while you can, fans are acting fast before what could be the last Duster tour before entering a Snoop Dogg Skechers ambassador era.

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