Show Spotlight: Chido Cheverisimo with Luisa Armijo

General Manager

For’s newest feature, we quizzed DJs about their shows, their most embarrassing on-air moments, their favorite 8th grade tunes, and everything in between. First up is Luisa Armijo, the host of Chido Cheverisimo with with Ana Sabalvarro on Mondays from 4am-6am.

Three artists played most on Chido Cheverisimo

Manu Chao, Kinky, and Yelle

Favorite current rack spin

Right now, I really enjoy PAPA‰’s EP, A Good Woman Is Hard to Find.

Most embarrassing on-air moment

On my very first show for the first 50 minutes, I was using the wrong button for the microphone. Almost all my show, when I thought I was talking, I wasn‰’t.

Favorite song in 8th grade

The Killers – “Mr. Brightside”

Favorite song all-time

Queen – “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Dream band dinner date

I would take a Mexican band called Mana to Guapo‰’s. We would talk about how there is no good Mexican food on the East Coast.

First album you ever bought

The first album my mom every bought me was Christina Aguilara‰’s first album.

Favorite thing about WVAU

My favorite thing about WVAU is the music opportunites, like concerts and free music.