Summer Jamz: "Search Party" by Sam Bruno

Dani Rosen

Courtesy of Idolator

“Search Party‰” by Sam Bruno

I‰’m currently jamming out to “Search Party‰” by Sam Bruno with the sunroof open, windows down, and driving slighty above the speed limit. This single is Bruno‰’s first solo track and also her first song on Spotify. Despite it being the only song released from the soundtrack of the highly-anticipated-by-teens-everywhere movie “Paper Towns,” it has less that 94,000 plays on Spotify. Still, the song moves in a way that begs you want to play it on repeat and get down with your friends. The synth-stutter and melodic lyrics are sure to make this song a mainstream hit once the movie hits theaters.

RIYL: Lorde, MIA, elcetro-pop