Kid Cudi: 9th Grade Memories in Review

Amanda Jagus

Courtesy of Wikipedia

For the first installment of “I‰’m Not Like The Other Girls,‰” I apprehensively dawn my headphones to review the musical works of Kid Cudi. Like many of us, I adopted most of my ‰musical taste‰’ from my older sibling, which made for a pretty interesting and horrifying mix of tunes on my purple iPod nano. Among the atrocities, I specifically remember Pursuit of Happiness playing as my brother drove us to the grocery store in our 2003 Buick. Quite a picture actually.

Logging into Spotify, I was shocked to find that Kid Cudi actually released an album in 2014: KiD CuDi Presents SATELLITE FLIGHT: Journey to mother moon. I wish I had made that up. Honestly, it‰’s playing in the background as I write this, and it‰’s slowly killing me.

Not only am I in shock that I truly believed people would like me because of the music I listened to, I‰’m confused as to why I chose ‰The Kid‰’ (is that a legit nickname? It is now) to convey my apparent coolness. Almost every song makes a reference to weed or space travel, which is an interesting combination to say the least. Especially since I basically thought drugs and alcohol were the devil as a child, and had no interest in being an astronaut because I wasn‰’t about to learn Russian and eat dehydrated peas in a flying capsule for 2 years.

Something that I can commend Kid Cudi for is his storytelling (or his attempts of it). Almost every album attempts to create a cohesive narrative, even though the story line is often over taken with references to weed and sounds of what I think are machines slowly dying.

Over all, I give Kid Cudi 2 out of 5 men on the moon. Good for a walk down memory lane, but, like my braces and highkey crush on Pete Wentz (remember I wasn‰’t like the other girls), he should probably stay in the 9th grade.