HOW TO: Music Festivals for Introverts

Dani Rosen

With festival season coming to a close, I am here as a proud introverted survivor of this year‰’s batch of thrashing fans, hour-long bathroom lines, and endless crowds. And if I did it, then so can you, fellow music fan.

1. Go in prepared

Festivals release the line up artists, locations, and times ahead of time. Pick who you want to see and scope out your spot. With a little preparation, I was able to land a spot two rows away from Alt-J on the side of the stage where there were less people. Remember: it‰’s quality over quantity when it comes to acts. There will be plenty of acts that will have you asking “who?” so don‰’t press yourself to see these. The acts that you will remember for years to come will be the ones you went into the festival already loving.

2. Go with a buddy

Don‰’t get me wrong, big groups of friends are great. However, trying to herd around with seven or so people from stage to stage is exhausting. Find a friend with similar tastes in music and team up. Besides, you can always meet up with people along the way. Just, whatever you do, don‰’t go alone. It isn‰’t smart or safe to alone in such a huge crowd of people.

3. Don‰’t be afraid to take a step back and listen from afar.

You don‰’t have to be front row at every set to enjoy the festival. Hanging out in the back has its advantages, too. Grab some food, and, to the tunes, and give yourself time to decompress.

4. Have realistic expectations.

There will be a lot of people, and it will be overwhelming. This is the reality of the situation and there is nothing you can do about it. But being only 30 rows from Drake is a once in a lifetime experience, so take a deep breath and dive in. There will always be time to relax one you get home.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to making good choices for yourself. Some amazing acts from through festivals, and joining the crowds can be the best bang for your buck. Take these tips and tricks, and get ready for an amazing season next spring!