For The Girls About To Rock

Amanda Jagus

Courtesy of Huffington Post

This week we look past the modern musical mistakes of my childhood, and investigate a little bit of classic rock. When I was in middle school, my friend group was inexplicably and obsessively obsessed with the movie School Of Rock. If we were obsessed with the cool music, Miranda Cosgrove, or Jack Black‰’s schoolboy outfit is still to be determined. One thing for certain, though, is that we were obsessed with AC/DC because of the cult classic film.

It‰’s beyond me why we attached ourselves to AC/DC out of all other classic rock from that movie, but that‰’s the band we dedicated our 13-year-old hearts to. I specifically remembering thinking I listened to ‰real‰’ music as opposed to whatever Top 40 trash was playing on the radio. I think AC/DC was the gateway drug to my musical superiority over my peers. However, this backfired and manifested into the One Direction obsession of 2011, but that was a dark time for everyone involved.

The only AC/DC I‰’ve listened to since middle school has occurred strictly at sporting events, and games of Thunderstruck that I won‰’t explain to my mother. That being said, going back and listening to AC/DC brought back more memories of drunk Pittsburgh dads singing “Hells Bells‰” at Steelers games and shitty drinking games than to my days of ultimate coolness.  Although AC/DC has become a band reserved for the less savory parts of modern life, it doesn‰’t detract from their sheer talent, musical tastes aside. And I‰’m not just talking about Agnus Young‰’s ability to shake his booty in a schoolboy uniform.

After diving deep into the AC/DC Spotify page, I may have added some songs onto my workout playlist, but don‰’t tell my cool friends that. At the end of the day, I‰’m so embarrassed that I like AC/DC, they by far aren‰’t the most terrible group I‰’ve investigated. What is interesting is the degree to which I loved them. I‰’m talking about posing profile pictures with their album art obsessed.

At the end of the day, no classic rock collection is complete without AC/DC. You can‰’t rock out without a little Back in Black or You Shook Me All Night Long even if your dad is just singing it. That being said, for those about to rock, I do salute you with 4 out of 6 short shorts and white socks.